14 statistics that might surprise you about remote work

January 18, 2022


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What did 2021 teach us about remote work? With the rapid digitisation of our workforce in the last two years, there has been a shift in the way companies view remote work. As they switch to more flexible work policies and increased employee mobility, some interesting statistics have emerged. Not yet sure if remote work is for your business? Read on. 


Talent acquisition and retention


  1.  95% of employers say flexible work options had a high impact on employee retentionGlobal Workplace Analytics

Offering remote work shows your employees that they’re trusted and valued. In doing so, they’ll repay you with loyalty, not only mitigating high employee turnover costs but promoting team culture, productivity and innovation.  

  2.  When faced with two similar offers, over 80% of people would favour an organisation with a flexible work policyIWG

Salary can only get you so far. Offering workplace flexibility and opportunities to travel while working ensures a clear advantage in an increasingly competitive market. 

  3.  81% of employees are more likely to recommend their company if they have a flexible work policy Owl Labs

Employee referrals are good for business. With reduced recruiting costs and lower turnover rates, we know that employee referrals play a significant role in effective recruitment strategies.

  4.  36% of workers would choose flexible work options over a pay riseGlobal Workplace Analytics

While it’s not a strategy to underpay people, sometimes people value workplace freedoms over money.

  5.  37% of employees would take a pay cut of up of over 10% if it meant they could work remotely Owl Labs

Adding to this, according to FlexJobs, up to 21% of employees would give up some vacation time for the same benefits.

Productivity and strategy


  6.  98% of employees wish to keep a remote or hybrid work policy after the pandemicBuffer

It’s difficult to argue with statistics like that — remote work is popular and workers want it to stay.

  7.  Moving to a permanent remote-first or hybrid work policy was in the top five business strategies for organisations in 2021 NTT

Organisations are acknowledging the many benefits of workplace flexibility and are viewing it as a key business strategy as a result. 

  8.  85% of global businesses agree that location flexibility boosts productivity IWG

Overwhelmingly, employers also saw increased productivity when offering their employees an opportunity to work off-site.

Employee satisfaction and health


  9.  80% of people cited improved mental health, 83% decreased their stress levels and 67% spent more time exercisingFlexJobs

What could be more valuable than a happy workforce? It’s more productive, nurtures innovation and creativity and facilitates improved company culture. 

  10.  The average person can save approximately 3,500€ per year by working remotelyNorth One

Commuting costs, clothing and team lunches are just the beginning. A more flexible workforce can go as far as determining where people live. 

Diversity and Inclusion


  11.  68% of Black workers want flexible work policies, compared to 56% of their white colleaguesFuture Forums

It was found that this is because working off-site is better for their overall sense of belonging. 

  12.  30.1% of employees pursued remote work due to a disability or chronic illnessBuffer

Adding to that, a different study suggests that remote work allowed 83% of employees with a disability to pursue their profession of choice.

  13.  48% of people cited being a caregiver as their primary driver for wanting a flexible work policy — ​​Buffer

Increased workplace mobility promotes inclusion in your workforce. Widen the talent pool and recruit and retain only the best.

  14.  58% of employees rated increased team diversity as the biggest benefit of being part of a global teamGlobalization Partners

And a benefit it is. Increased workplace diversity benefits innovation, facilitates inclusion, broadens skill sets and promotes better awareness. 


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