A Simple Way to Manage Your International Hiring Costs

  • March 21, 2022
  • Author: Stephanie Kong
Reading Time: 5 min
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We understand that hiring costs vary significantly depending on the countries you hire from. There are many tax dependencies, allowances and other social benefit costs that need to be factored in. 


The WorkMotion platform offers you the ability to benchmark salaries for particular positions in the countries you plan to hire from. Once you understand the salary benchmark for a particular role in a country, you can also determine the net salary costgross salary minus the required employment and legal deductions in each country to ensure your multinational teams are paid equitably.

  1.   Salary Benchmark


Once you decide you would like to hire a certain position in a designated country, use the salary benchmarking tool first to understand the salary range for that position.


  • You can search by job title and by country.
  • Choose the job title from the drop down menu and then the relevant country.
  • Click ‘Find Salary.’
  • A result will display (see below) showing you the recommended average salary on the right hand side and the salary range on the left. You can also choose to display the salary on an Annual or Monthly basis.

    2.   Net Salary Calculator


When you have identified your hiring needs and the approximate gross salary ranges found through our salary recommendation feature, you can assess your hiring costs in further detail. 


With the net salary calculator, you will be able to:

  • Calculate the Net Salary in a country = gross salary minus the applicable income tax and appropriate social security deductions in that country.
  • Compare the net salary in one country vs another country when paying the same salary and same currency. This ensures that your international team members are paid equitably wherever they are located.
  • Compare the Net Salary with the Gross including OR excluding additional monthly salaries and allowances.


Increase Your Hiring Efficiency


By leveraging these features, you are able to quickly plan your hiring costs and goals. With these costs identified, you can achieve your hiring goals even faster! Our team is ready to help you learn more about our platform with our cost calculator features. Book a demo with us!


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