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Deel alternative

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Deel EOR alternative

Countries covered
United States
Direct employment solution
Yes, WorkDirect
Starting at 549€/month
Starting at  $599/month
Pricing details 
No transparency
Freelancer Solution
GDPR compliant
Rating on Capterra


Deel countries: 100 countries covered for EOR

Through its EOR Product, Deel is covering 100 countries. While a lot of your hiring abroad demand is probably in this 100 countries list, if you are looking for a long term EOR partner it can be wise to choose a solution that covers more countries to be sure that you will not be restricted when growing your team. WorkMotion, through its EOR product WorkGlobal, covers 160 countries.

Deel countries: 100
WorkMotion countries: 160


Deel reviews on Capterra

The B2B buyer journey does not begin when they talk to a sales rep. Depending on the sources, we often see that over 50% of the B2B buyer journey is made before they even talk to a sales rep. The purchaser will want to make its own mind about what is in the market, look for recommendations in their network,.. And peers’ opinions. The importance of trust platforms is not negligible to help the B2B buyer choose the right product for their company. Capterra, part of the Gartner group, is the “world’s leading software reviews and selection platform”. Deel is rated 3.9 (February 2023) on this platform.

Deel on Capterra: 3.9
WorkMotion on Capterra: 4.6


Deel, A US based company

The first EOR platforms were born in the US, and that’s also the case of Deel. The ADN of the company makes it probably one of the best partners to serve American companies. The Old Continent on the other hand is well known for its complicated legislations. If you are a European company, you might want to look in a European based EOR partner that might answer your questions and needs better and insure you a full legislation compliance (GDPR and others), like WorkMotion, a Germany-based company.

Deel: Headquarters in the United States
WorkMotion: Headquarters in Germany


Deel pricing

On the pricing page of Deel you can find the different pricing for their different products (freelancer, EOR, Employing through client’s own entity). The pricings displayed are starting prices ; you do not have a clear idea on the total price of their services. To know more about the different costs related to their solution you have to book a demo and go to a sales rep.

Deel Pricing: you can check the starting prices, but don’t know the detailed price
WorkMotion Pricing: You can check the transparent pricing on this page

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