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January 24, 2022


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Whether it’s phones, tablets or laptops, everphone takes care of all business mobile device needs. The German company  wants to convert the smartphone into a sustainable, absolutely user-friendly work tool, their motto  is “We act fast and learn fast—and it’s okay to make mistakes”. They act as fast as they grow and this is why everphone needed an HR partner to take care of their foreign employees.


Active Markets: DACH, USA, Benelux, Ireland, Netherlands

Employee growth in 2022: + 50% – from 200 to 300

All Employees hired in 4 differents countries with WorkMotion (USA, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands): Sales & General Manager


everphone is a German hyper growth startup – both when it comes to team growth and in terms of business expansion. For now, the company has been mostly active in Germany but things are changing since the startup now wants to globalise its business. The challenge of the company was “How do we hire employees abroad who will help us expand our business, without having to open new entities right away?” 

everphone wanted to test new markets such as the USA, Benelux and the Netherlands before considering tackling the first opening of one of their next entities.



everphone wants to focus on its growth, not on bureaucracy. The HR team wanted to compliantly and easily hire new sales and general manager profiles abroad while having as little paperwork to do as possible. Less paperwork but a big outcome. This is why they reached out to WorkMotion. 

Thanks to their collaboration, everphone could get rid of the bureaucratic obstacles while focussing on finding and onboarding the right talents: Take roots in their expansion process and ensure a strong compliant and legal-friendly base.


After an in-depth research in the EoR industry, everphone turned to WorkMotion to get what they needed: an HR tool that allows onboarding employees abroad in full compliance. Now they know how they can expand and test new markets while not giving up their other goal to open new entities in top priority markets. 

With WorkMotion they could already hire 6 new employees in 4 different countries and this is not the end of their success story. 

Another advantage? WorkMotion allowed everphone to spare them from having to hire an internal HR Manager who would have been fully and exclusively in charge of paperwork and contract management of their employees abroad, which would have been a clear disbalance of their work capacities.  


“With WorkMotion we ensure fully compliant onboardings for our employees abroad. At everphone, we are only at the beginning of our expansion and we want to address global HR and work contracts in full respect of the local legal rules in our new markets. Having an HR service such as WorkMotion is a big plus, since we now have time to focus on our talents even more”. 

Bianca Ester – HR Manager, everphone

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