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January 4, 2022


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Why not think outside the border?

Onboard teams in 160+ countries within minutes.


It’s no secret that tech-talent is hard to find.

According to an article by the International Monetary Fund “by 2030, there will be a global shortage of more than 85 million tech workers, representing 8.5 trillion in lost annual revenue”.

In Germany alone, 124 thousand IT-expert roles were vacant in September 2019, according to research conducted by Bitkom Research. A 51% increase from the year before (see graph below).

*Title: For the first time, more than 100,000 vacancies for IT experts (in Germany) Subtitle: Number of IT positions to be filled in the economy as a whole


Interestingly, estimates by stateofeuropeantech.com show that the majority of European tech-workers still look for jobs in their home countries, and are not considering relocation.

So, how can companies from other countries compete for European tech-talent that is looking for jobs in their home countries? 

WorkMotion’s WorkDirect solution is the answer

Our WorkDirect solution is the simple solution to hire talent in other European countries as well as the UK – with local work contracts adapted to your specifications and without founding a legal entity! 

The WorkDirect process

  1. WorkMotion registers your HQ entity as an employer in the European country of your choice
  2. You receive a tax number to pay social security contributions and income tax
  3. Employees are hired in accordance with local labour laws, on your own local employment contracts, and taxed locally
  4. WorkMotion performs the monthly payroll, provides compliant work contracts and continuous HR support

It’s a fast and effective way to access talent pools in countries that previously would have been time and resource intensive to hire in. Your company can reach a greater number of quality candidates, and, depending on the sector, significant savings in total cost of employment are possible.

Onboard European employees in record time

Hiring talent in European countries other than your company’s headquarter used to be difficult:

  • Founding a legal entity took time and created cost
  • Market entries and exits were resource & time intensive
  • Local labor, tax and insurance laws were complicated to navigate

All in all, it could take several months of frustration to finally get started.

With WorkMotion’s WorkDirect solution you save yourself the struggle:

We take care of the intricacies of registering your HQ entity as an employer in another European country. As a result you can onboard your first employee within as little as 4-6 weeks, depending on the country and how fast we receive your documentation.

Our state-of-the-art software manages your employees’ payroll, assists in creating country-specific work contracts, and provides salary suggestions based on market data.

WorkDirect use cases

WorkDirect enables companies to compliantly hire talent in any European country without having to found a local entity.

  • Need to hire 5 IT specialists in Poland? WorkDirect allows you to onboard employees in Poland within 4-6 weeks.

  • Interviewing a talented developer from Spain that would be a crucial addition to your team, but he/she doesn’t want to relocate? Again, WorkDirect got you covered.

WorkDirect versus WorkGlobal (EOR)

You might be familiar with our core product, the Employer of Record, and wonder how exactly it differs from WorkDirect.

WorkDirect is perfect if…

… you only plan to hire a limited number of employees in the near future.

… you prefer a direct relationship with your employees.

…  you’d like to provide employees with company stock/share option


… your employees perform no commercial activity in that country (i.e. a

sales rep signing a contract).

… 4-6 weeks is an acceptable time frame until you need to

onboard employees.

WorkGlobal is more suitable if…

… you want to expand in many countries world-wide. With the EOR

your employees get hired through our highly qualified and experienced

partners, while your company remains the directive force of the working

Relationships. EOR covers 150+ countries currently.

… speed of employment is your primary concern. With EOR you can hire

employees internationally within as little as 4 days.

Would you like to learn more about features and pricing? Check out our pricing page.

Next steps

If you’d like to learn more about WorkDirect or have specific questions about your company’s case simply book a free product demo with one of our specialists.

Curious to know more?

We’re here to help you on your global hiring journey.

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