How Homeday preserved its company culture while expanding

January 4, 2022


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Homeday is one of the leading real estate companies in Germany and accompanies sellers and buyers from the first contact to the handing over of the keys. One of their key missions is to digitalise real estate; a sector which is still to this day, very bureaucratic and paper-heavy. 

While expanding, Homeday figured that it was not that easy to find talents only in a tech abundant area such as Berlin and that having a multi-nationalities company approach was a key driver for the company’s performance. Hiring abroad allows Homeday to recruit different expertise levels and makes the whole company benefit from different cultural backgrounds and views in their teams.


Back in the days when Homeday was hiring from abroad, the company primarily thought about relocating new talents rather than keeping them far away from the headquarters. The pandemic obliged them, though, to rethink their strategy. Now the waiting time to get VISAs was so long that Homeday decided to find a fully compliant HR solution to hire abroad while being fully legally secured. Their moto? No free-lancers, but full employees that work from abroad.


Looking at the situation, the Homeday HR-team saw the possibility of hiring freelancers which was not satisfying for the company: they wanted to hire full-integrated employees. This is when the HR-solutions provider WorkMotion came into place. A service that allowed Homeday to get a glimpse at an international compliant HR hiring solution in order to grow and expand their teams without regard to national borders. Although the ultimate goal still is to relocate international employees to the HQ in Germany, long VISA waiting times are an issue of the past, since they can start working in their home countries seamlessly.


The results were multiple, both from the corporate’s and from the new hire’s side:
New talents got onboarded smoothly and quickly thanks to the fast service implementation of WorkMotion. Which then resulted in a great business benefit: new hires and their teams did not have to wait to get their mission going. Homeday identified furthermore a few employees that are now key drivers in the company that they would not have been able to hire without using WorkMotion. Finally, Homeday benefits deeply in creating a wealth of expertise driven by different cultures that contribute to the company’s success.

Wolf-Martin Naumann, HR Recruiting Manager

“We encountered a truly easy going process while onboarding our new talents with WorkMotion. We are very satisfied to be able to easily pay our talents wherever they are, in the currency of the country they live in. No lost money along the conversion-twists and our employees are fully part of the Homeday-family even before they relocate to Germany! Being fully compliant on our global HR onboarding strategy gives us a free-mind for other important topics.”

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