i2x Makes Temporary Work from Abroad its Key Company Benefit with WorkFlex

  • January 24, 2022
  • Author: Laure Buttolo
i2x Makes Temporary Work from Abroad its Key Company Benefit with WorkFlex

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i2x is a German leading ai-company founded by the studyVZ ex-CEO Michael Brehm, that helps sales and customer support agents to excel at their job, by giving live guidance and suggestions during customer calls. As an agile company, i2x worked this past year on building up a safe, stable and compliant flexible working environment. How? By taking the lead in allowing employees to work from abroad while being fully legally protected and using the workation solution WorkFlex.


  • Win new employees in the competitive market
  • Company-wide Workation strategy allowed by WorkFlex 
  • Work from abroad accessible to 100% employees
  • Every employee can work from abroad safely
    • 90 days within the  EU
    • 30 days outside of the EU


Looking at the workations policy it is safe to say that i2x is taking the lead in terms of flexible work for all employees.  While seeing that working outside of the office was/is mandatory, its employees from 19 different nationalities – from Columbia to China-  started wishing for more work location freedom: being able to stay where their families are while not having to take their full vacation at once. After the company saw the need and the possibility of working from abroad they decided to step out of the workation grey zone and embrace a safe company mobility policy.


The i2x team and the Head of People and Organization, Narmatha Ravinthiran got ahead with it and introduced the usage of WorkFlex, a WorkMotion solution that enables temporary work from abroad in three easy steps in their company. How? While signing their work contract, new employees also sign an amendment agreement which sets the framework of their workations’ possibilities: How and when to use a VPN? What type of password should be used? How to be fully GDPR compliant? All aspects in regards to social legislation that are key to i2x but also to their clients which have the right of security too. From day one, employees are ensured to work abroad, within and outside of Europe and i2x could ensure a new company mobile work strategy while stopping one-to-one  on-demand requests.  

In this process, WorkMotion takes care of all the compliance aspects of their workation requests.

Company benefits:

  • Mental health benefits are more than fresh fruits in the office: alongside other mental health benefits such as meditation or sports apps, workation is a company benefit. 
  • Tremendous asset in  job offers 
  • Mobile work policy strategy: no more case by case headache
  • No more discussion: the compliant framework sets the rules
  • No brainer for the managers and the HR team 

Employees’ benefits:

  • Work from everywhere: Secure workation Freedom 
  • No need to use up all holidays at once to visit you family or work in the sun 
  • Company trust 
  • Motivation 

“One of the greatest benefits I get from WorkFlex as a Head of HR is that I no longer have to read through an agreement of 270 pages on Brexit in order to say whether the person can go work in London or not. Using WorkFlex is a great relief in my responsibilities: the framework conditions of the workplaces are fully set out in a compliant way. We only have to follow the framework, no more case by case requests that take a lot of my time. HR-pains are gone in this regard and it is great to see the satisfaction of our employees!” 


Narmatha Ravinthiran – Head of People and Organization


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