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February 3, 2021


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From PeopleFlow to WorkMotion

Today we’re changing our name from PeopleFlow to WorkMotion.

Last year we set out to create the best solution for global employment in the world. We believe in a people first approach, and now we are set to continue developing new global employment products.

Our logo has changed and we will rename our platform as well – our new image represents each part of a team, and although we are not always together (or in the same location) we are still connected and able to work together. In addition, you might notice some new colours, words, and designs.

However, nothing will change in the core experience: We still want to be the easiest, fastest and compliant solution for you to hire and manage your talent no matter where in the world they are. Our mission also remains the same: to enable global employment at the push of a button.

For our customers, not much will change at first: From now on, we will be WorkMotion. You can log into your account – all you have to do is enter your usual combination of email address and password. You won’t have to open a new account. In the next few days we will start redirecting visitors to our website from to

We are excited to continue helping companies achieve their goals by enabling access to global employment solutions.


The WorkMotion Team

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