Platform Overview

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hire abroad through employer of record eor peo

Product Vision

Integrated global employment platform

Our software covers use-cases beyond the Employer-of-Record model: Employment, Mobility, Payments, Benefits, Temporary Work,etc., out of one single platform

Europe focus

Our software has been developed for the specific needs of small and mid-size companies

Compliance focus

We offer fully-compliant employment solutions and workflows to navigate the complexities of remote work

Country Custom Workflows

For every country where you want to hire, you need to know country local regulations, standard and recommended contract components.

We have built a complete software that enabled us to build specific workflows on a country level within a few minutes which keep us ahead and adaptable to the latest country labor rules and regulations.

Country Guides

Our platform provides to HR champions the knowledge to hire compliantly in 160+ countries. You will get all the information needed about probation period, paid time off, notice period, etc. Giving you a peace of mind to make the right offer, aligned with the market’s standard.

Onboarding Timeline

Transparency is key for HR experts, especially when it comes to a such complex task like global hiring. We provide a detailed timeline showing all onboarding-steps alongside with the detailed current status to make it easier to hire and onboard your international workforce smoothly.

Instant Contract Generation

Create and access your international employment contract instantly. No need of a local HR or legal team.

We help you generate a compliant contract that can be sent to your talent within just a few minutes. Don’t lose key talent due to delays, access our platform and send contracts within minutes.

Salary Recommendation

Hiring talent in a new country has many challenges: How much should I pay my talent? How do I stay competitive against local companies hunting for the same talent?

Net Salary Calculator

Make sure your multi-national teams are paid fairly across your organization. How does a specific gross and net salary in Spain compare to one in the UK? With our net salary engine you can compare gross salary vs. net salary across different countries.

Contract Cost Summary

Calculate the total costs of employment for any country and access the full cost of employment. We provide you transparency from the start.

Action Items Notification

Get notification as soon as a new action is required from your side during the onboarding process and also get alerts to track the activity of your candidates and talent in our platform.

Country Hiring Guides

We provide you with country specific hiring knowledge. Get access on our platform or get in touch with our team if you want to learn more.


We strongly believe in helping HR professionals and integrate with the current tools that you already have in place. We are building a partner ecosystem, and our modern architecture can already connect to top HRIS systems in Europe such as Personio and BambooHR.

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