Boost your Remote Work Productivity with the Right Tools

  • April 28, 2023
  • Author:
The right tools for remote work

Productivity tools can improve efficiency in many areas across a business, including task management, strategy and planning, note-taking, and communication.

The best tools:

  • Help prioritise tasks
  • Put small deliverable goals into a wider context of time
  • Enable fast recollection

Having a tool without the knowledge or expertise to use it is futile. It won’t make you more productive. If anything, it’ll make you frustrated and you’ll become unmotivated.

Being informed about any product you use ensures that you use it to its full potential. It can also help you decide whether it’s a suitable tool for you. Every team has different goals, priorities, and ways to measure productivity. Where one tool works incredibly well for one team, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll do the same for another. The tools you use should be suited to your habits and objectives.

Some tool recommendations:

  • Asana – to plan your tasks and projects
  • Canva – to bring your desig to the next level
  • Slack – for communication tool with your colleagues
  • Miro – team collaboration board
  • – another tool for task and project planning
  • Google docs – use doc, slide, sheets and other for shared working on documents
  • Riverside – record podcasts and videos in studio quality from everywhere

These are only some recommendations. The list of tools out there is endless. You need to find out, what works best for your team needs.