Flexible Work With WorkFlex

Authorise international temporary work requests

Create the ultimate flexible work policy

Process no risk ‘workation’ requests from your employees

Ensure the request is compliant and your employees receive the best flexible work policy.

Offer your employees ultimate flexibility. In just three easy steps, provide temporary work from abroad benefits in line with local compliance.

What Does WorkFlex Do?


Compliance focused

Work easy knowing your temporary work from abroad options are compliant.

Streamlined approvals

Manage internal approval processes in three easy steps.

Automated documentation

Obtain required documents automatically.

How does WorkFlex work?

WorkFlex enables temporary work from abroad in three easy steps

Employee Makes A Request

Your employee makes a ‘temporary work from abroad’ (Workation) request through WorkFlex. Here, through our user-friendly platform, your employee will answer a series of questions and will need to provide details about their chosen location.

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WorkMotion Evaluates Request

The request is evaluated against company policies and the laws of the chosen destination. From permanent establishment and taxation to labour laws and social security obligations, WorkFlex provides the best advice in line with the law and limits your companies risk exposure.

Streamline Approvals

WorkMotion manages internal and external processes and issues all required documentation for travel. From cross-department approvals, to dealing with destination bureaucracy, WorkFlex manages it all.

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Your Benefits


Be an employer of choice

Leverage WorkFlex and position your company as one with truly flexible working options. Attract the best talent with WorkFlex by creating a benefits policy that fits both your companies' and your employees' needs.

Protect your company and your employees

Sometimes remote work can bear hidden compliance risks and tax implications. With WorkFlex, you can work easy wherever you are, knowing that these risks have been mitigated.

Save time with automated workflows

Managing employee requests, obtaining approvals and generating the relevant documentation takes time. WorkFlex automates the entire process, saving time for employees, managers and human resource teams.

How It Works



Employee submits request through WorkFlex.



WorkFlex does a risk assessment.



Depending on the outcome, WorkFlex will initiate internal approval processes.



Once approved, WorkFlex will issue any necessary documentation for your employee and ensure correct insurance status.



Complete support during the time abroad including an audit trail.

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