WorkGlobal - Employer Of Record (EoR)

Build A Truly Global Team And Expand Into Global Markets With WorkGlobal, WorkMotion's EoR Solution.

When looking to hire international staff in some countries, companies must establish a local legal entity in order to achieve compliance with local laws. This is both expensive and time-consuming.

WorkGlobal has simplified the hiring and onboarding of international teams and has ensured all processes are in line with the laws of over 160 countries.

How Does WorkGlobal (Employer of Record) Work?


Team Member Registration

Essentially, an Employer of Record (EoR) is the registered employer for the staff member you are hiring. This third-party organisation takes on a significant amount of the compliance work required when hiring abroad.

Legal Information Management

As your EoR provider, WorkMotion can manage the necessary information and make sure your company acts in line with local rules throughout the process. WorkMotions EoR framework moves within the safety of the legal system of the country in question. This framework covers information such as minimum wages, collective bargaining agreements, taxes, social contributions and other charges linked to local labour laws.

Keep Control

In addition, while the EoR is the registered employer for the worker, they do not hold a management role towards the employee. In other words, you’re still in control. You, as the client, are still making the decisions on compensation, job description, projects, deadlines and terminations.


No Need To Establish A Local Legal Entity

WorkGlobal covers aspects such as payroll and country-specific tax laws. This means you can operate within the laws of the country where your employees live without the upfront costs of establishing a local entity.


No International Limits

Now that remote and flexible work options are here to stay, there is no need to restrict your teams to the city or country where you are based. Increase diversity, nurture inclusion and become an employer of choice by expanding across borders.

The Rise of Workations: Employer
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