Temporary work from abroad: How Enpal found a simple solution to a complex problem

  • February 24, 2022
  • Author: Laure Buttolo
Temporary work from abroad: How Enpal found a simple solution to a complex problem

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Enpal, is a B2C solar panels installation company group, headquartered in Berlin which encounters multiple HR challenges, so they are quite interested in finding solutions to lighten their workload and processes while being ensured to stay fully compliant. In short: they need simplicity wherever they can get it! 

60 nationalities 

1500 Enpalers among them roughly 400 blue collar 



Flexible work is a complex legal matter. Sure, from an employee perspective, working from abroad seems simple: a computer and internet are enough to do the job! The other (HR)-side though, is more complex and does involve a lot of legal background to solve the new way of working. Companies across the globe are facing an iceberg when it comes to this topic, and so is Enpal. Most importantly, the group wanted to stay competitive in the employee benefits they provide but also not go wild and be later surprised by unpleasant tax revelation. 



Now with the pandemic happening, employees revealed their need to work from their home countries for a longer time or find the possibility to work elsewhere. In fact, a modern problem for a modern company policy. Once introducing their new mobile work policy and opening up the possibility to work some time from abroad, especially before Christmas time, Enpal received more and more requests from their employees. Without any previous legal knowledge on this matter, the HR department had to get in touch with tax and labor lawyers: they needed the legal and compliance knowledge to be able to provide the needed flexibility. 


Before using WorkFlex, Enpal consulted labor tax lawyers to get a general understanding on possibilities to temporarily work from abroad. Employees had to submit a request via a pdf form, which would then be reviewed manually: a quite complex and highly time-consuming process.
Enpal has now the roots to set a strong work policy in place and employees can easily request to work from abroad. An automatic risk assessment and application for social security certificates ensures a limited exposure to compliance risks. The process is efficient, transparent and easy-to-use for all company stakeholders.


  • Time saving
  • Cost efficient in comparison to heavy tax lawyers services’ costs
  • Strong employee benefit
  • Lever to set the first stone to create a company-wide WfA company policy

Before the pandemic, we didn’t even think about this working from abroad, flexibility level. It was quite a challenge to handle all sudden work from abroad requests. With WorkFlex we can now offer our employees the possibility to request work from abroad through easy-to-use software. Now I can confidently say that we are a well-positioned company when it comes to work from abroad.Sophie Kostka Head of HR Operations & Culture