The benefits of XR tech when addressing industry talent shortages

June 12, 2024


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Many businesses are struggling with significant talent shortages. While labour shortages have always been a threat to the UK economy, many companies are struggling not with a lack of applicants but rather a lack of hiring opportunity with less qualified and experienced talent available.
Certain industries in particular, such as engineering, technology, construction, and education struggle more than most to attract skilled workers. However, XR Technology is aiming to change this. This powerful tool is helping meet the needs of struggling businesses to deliver the results they’ve been looking for.
In this article, we will discuss the benefits of XR Technology and how it can be used to address industry shortages.

What Is XR Tech?

XR Technology stands for Extended Reality. This is an umbrella term that covers virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

XR Tech is being widely used by businesses looking to stream their training and educational processes and take their data exploration and data analysis to the next level.

The world of XR Technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is becoming increasingly used in the workplace. From virtual reality meetings and augmented reality training courses to vastly improving the customer experience.

With the practical introduction of XR Technology and the problem-solving solutions of AI, businesses can take their internal processes to new levels while offering a customer experience that stands apart from the competition.

How XR in the Workplace is Addressing Industry Talent Shortages

So, now that you know a little bit more about XR and what it can be used for, let’s take a look at how it’s being used to address industry talent shortages.

Speed up training

According to HowNow, “Companies who choose not to train their employees often cite cost and time considerations, the availability of skilled talent, and the fear of employee attrition as reasons for not doing so. However, this is often a short-sighted view that can be resolved by better connecting learning and training to company goals and the everyday flow of work!”

XR Technologies allow companies the opportunity to offer remote training. These remote programmes don’t require the hiring of a space, travel costs, or the need for specialist staff to train others.

They simply mean staff can undergo their training straight away from their desk or the comfort of their own home. This has the added benefit of meeting your staff training needs while also being an easy way to roll training out company-wide.

Whether you’re releasing a new product or launching a new service, utilising the benefits of XR Tech saves you time and money, while ensuring your staff are trained up faster.

Improve services provided by staff

XR Technology provides more engaging and immersive staff training. This is hugely beneficial as, according to Tim Brickle, CEO & Founder at 3D Walkabout “by leveraging virtual and augmented reality, businesses can create immersive and engaging training experiences that help employees retain information more effectively.”

With better training made available, staff are far more equipped to provide high-quality services. What’s more, their knowledge is increased and they often become more interested in their role because they feel better equipped to fulfil it and they understand it’s wider role in the company better.

XR Tech training is all about levelling-up and investing in the staff that you have. This allows them to step into new opportunities within your Company, further your business success, and reduce your need for new hires.

Attract more talent

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, many businesses in the UK are struggling to attract top talent.

XR Technology is a great way to counteract this. It’s very appealing to highly skilled individuals as it offers new ways to learn and work that other businesses don’t provide.

So, it’s a great way to attract new talent even when the job market is quiet and there are fewer specialists available.

Provide better self-service options for customers

The level of customer service you can provide will help you stand out from the competition. With XR Technology you can offer services such as; detailed virtual tours and in-depth product tutorials, while addressing common customer issues or questions through how-to videos. This leads to fewer customer service requirements and therefore less time spent on customer support and more time spent on doing your job.

AI and XR: The future of employee training

Employee training is quickly turning a corner into the future. The combination of XR Technologies with Artificial Intelligence are taking staff training, internal business processes, and customer service offerings to the next level.

According to The AI Journal, “AI can provide instant feedback, a crucial aspect of engagement. Immediate responses to queries and real-time results of assessments enable employees to recognise areas of improvement and celebrate successes, keeping motivation high throughout the training journey.”

Through immersive and detailed training, your company can equip its employees with the knowledge they need to excel in their job. And this will only mean good things for your company, both now and in the future.

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