WorkMotion: What it is for and what it is not

Employee Emigration

Do you have an employee who wants to permanently relocate to another country, where your company has no local entity?

Your Benefits

Gone are the days where companies lose good talent when their staff choose to move away. Retain your best employees by hiring them from afar.

How WorkMotion Can Help

WorkMotion’s Employee Emigration solutions help with;

  • Adjustments to the employment contract that may be needed in order to meet new local labour laws.
  • Any implications on statutory and non-statutory benefits for the employee.

Market Testing

Are you looking to test your product in a market but don’t want to commit to opening a legal entity just yet?

Your Benefits

Test global markets without incurring the costs of opening a local entity.

How WorkMotion Can Help

There are two WorkMotion’s options that can help;

  • WorkGlobal: if it’s likely you’ll open a local entity at a later date, start off with temporary Employer of Record (EoR) employment contracts.
  • WorkDirect: if it turns out that opening a local entity isn’t for you, switch from EoR to Direct Employment.

Remote-First Global Approach

Are you looking to hire and onboard international teams?

Benefits To You

  • Access talent from all over the world, not just from where you are based.
  • By offering a Remote Work benefits policy, you will attract, hire and retain the best talent.
  • Strengthen diversity and inclusion strategies for your company.

How WorkMotion Can Help

  • Quickly generate employment contracts in over 160 countries, in full compliance with local legislation.
  • Streamline all global human resource management with one cost-effective option.

Bridging Relocation

Are you looking to hire an employee from abroad and need to bridge the relocation time?

Benefits To You

Your employee can start working straight away while still waiting for visa approvals or to relocate.

How WorkMotion Can Help

WorkMotion’s Bridging Relocation solutions help with;

  • Ensuring employees can get started right away, in full compliance with the laws of the country they’re relocating from and to.
  • Mitigating any delays caused by international travel disruptions or immigration.

Convert Freelancers

Are you looking to turn your best Freelancers into permanent employees?

Benefits To You

  • Avoid compliance issues such as misclassification.
  • Lower the risk of owing back taxes and benefits, which can result in painful penalties.
  • Reduced turnover rates
  • Have more control over working hours.

How WorkMotion Can Help

  • WorkGlobal: create employment contracts for your new permanent employees using our Employer of Record (EoR) solution.
  • WorkDirect: register as a foreign company and hire your freelancers in accordance with local laws, on your own local employment contracts. EU only*

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