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June 21, 2022


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Why not think outside the border?

Onboard teams in 160+ countries within minutes.


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We have made it even easier for you to use WorkDirect – one of our flagship permanent hiring solutions. When you log into the WorkMotion platform, you can see the WorkDirect solution option with several new features – 


  1. Choose the country you would like to register as a foreign employer.
  2. Check the status of your country registration.
  3. Download and manage contract templates.
  4. Manage and share legal documents during the registration process. 
  5. Receive and store payroll reports for talent in every country you have hired with WorkDirect.


Choose your country registration


Download and manage registration documents


How Do I Benefit?


With these features within our platform, the country registration process is significantly streamlined, fast tracking this process for you – within a matter of weeks, you can onboard talent from your desired country under your own registration. As a WorkDirect customer, you will benefit from its unique features that include the ability to edit our expertly drafted employment contracts as much as you like, while we support you with compliance related topics.Throughout the hiring process you can also preserve your brand. 


View status of country registrations


The WorkDirect Advantage


While we have introduced these new features to our platform, you can still access our network of experts. We understand that global hiring requires a healthy dose of servicing in addition to a robust software solution. With WorkDirect, we ensure that you are assisted by the best global hiring and legal experts and be able to conduct all your core hiring and onboarding initiatives in our platform. As well, throughout your country registration process and hiring process, you will be supported by our staff and be able to find answers leveraging resources within our platform.


Curious to know more?

We’re here to help you on your global hiring journey.

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