The Speakers

Rita Wittek

Director of People, Homerun

Carsten Lebtig

Co-Founder of WorkMotion

Iwo Szapar

Remote-First Advocate
CEO of Remote-how

Darren Murph

Head of Remote, GitLab

Lena Thompson

Professional Coach
Human Design

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The event will be held at Amplifier Berlin, but will also be streamed online. So you can attend it from wherever you are. Catch it live or watch the sessions afterwards.

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Topics to watch out for

  • Remote Transformation

    Employers are creating new ways of working where location-based work is less relevant. We’ve seen a major shift since 2019, but remote work is only at its beginning. We aim to explore this further in our panel discussions.

  • Future of HR Tech

    With workplaces evolving, old tools are being re-imagined and reshaped. Our HR experts will share their vision on the future of the ecosystem and the tools that will soon become necessary to succeed.

  • Emerging Roles in HR

    With the rise of remote work, leading organisations are becoming more complex. Our experts will unpack what the new title ‘Head of Remote’ really is. What skills and values does this role bring to companies today?

  • New Employee Benefits

    Apart from office snacks and commuter allowance, there’s demand for new benefits such as 4-day work weeks and temporary work from abroad. How can we rethink benefits to enhance employee productivity and satisfaction?

  • Transformation of Spaces

    With office spaces under the microscope, what will happen to the traditional work space? Our experts will discuss the rise of floor plans, hubs and co-working spaces that invite us to reimagine future offices.

  • Culture & Employee Engagement

    Video calls, instant messages and webinars are a few examples of how we work today. How we communicate impacts how teams are built. We will explore the challenges this can pose to employee engagement.

The Agenda

  • 09:15
    • Carsten Lebtig
      Carsten Lebtig

      CEO & MD WorkMotion

    Welcome Remarks

  • 9:30
    •  Iwo Szapar
      Iwo Szapar

      Remote Work Advocate & CEO @ Remote-how

    Implementing Remote Rituals

  • 10:30
    •  Melanie Wagner
      Melanie Wagner

      Country Manager DACH @ HiBob

    Here Comes Generation Z

  • 11:30
    • David Rouven Moecker
      David Rouven Moecker

      Head of Real Estate Transformation & Partner @ PwC

    • Nikolas Samios
      Nikolas Samios

      Co-Founder, Managing Partner @ PropTech1

    The What, Where and Why of Offices

  • 12:30
    • Lena Thompson
      Lena Thompson

      Life Purpose & Human Design Entrepreneur, Coach and Speaker

    Work Less, Achieve More

  • 14:00
    • Gabriel Rath
      Gabriel Rath

      Future of Work Speaker & Host @ New Work Chat Podcast

    The Power of Networks

  • 14:30
    • Camilla Boyer
      Camilla Boyer

      Director of Executive Communications @

    • Chase Warrington
      Chase Warrington

      Head of Remote @ Doist

    • Darren Murph
      Darren Murph

      Head of Remote @ GitLab

    • Tyler Sellhorn
      Tyler Sellhorn

      Head of Remote @ Polygon Technology

    The Reality of Remote

  • 16:00
    • Nadia Harris
      Nadia Harris

      Founder @

    ⏱️ to ✅ the 💪🏼 of Emojis 😀

  • 16:30
    • Rita Wittek
      Rita Wittek

      Director of People @ Homerun

    Benefits for Work-Life

  • 17:00
    • Alex Hernandez
      Alex Hernandez

      Co-Founder @ Jobgether

    Flexibility is Inevitable

  • 17:30
    • Carsten Lebtig
      Carsten Lebtig

      CEO & MD WorkMotion

    Closing Remarks

The Venue


Amplifier is a unique meeting place that combines history and innovation in the heart of Berlin. Known for its historical innovation, now it represents a focal point of business, politics, media and the digital economy.

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