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Our platform offers compliant employment solutions to help companies navigate the new ways of working.


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WorkMotion streamlines international staffing

Hiring employees


Hire and onboard international talent in over 160 countries.

Full Compliance


Meet employment demands in compliance with local legislation.

Global Payroll


Pay your employees on time and in any foreign currency.

Remote Strategy


Access tools to create the best remote strategy for your team.


Flexible work is here to stay

Get free advice. WorkMotion provides bespoke solutions for onboarding talent from abroad.

There has never been a greater opportunity to expand into global markets and increase your company’s reach. Access international talent and build an international team without a local presence through WorkMotions online-only platform and;

  • Hire employees.
  • Fulfil all local tax obligations.
  • Manage payroll.
  • Tailor employee benefits and packages.

We support every

Business in 160+ countries

Our platform offers you comprehensive Professional Employment Organization (PEO) services with just a push of a button. Concentrate on growing the company, and we will take care of everything else.

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Why WorkMotion?

We offer an all-in-one service with which you can hire, pay and employ employees abroad in accordance with the law.

  • Expansion without Foreign Subsidiary

    The big advantage is that you do not need a foreign company, so you do not lose time entering the market or have to make high initial investments.

  • Worldwide partner network

    Our local experts will help you with all questions concerning labour and tax legislation and will take care of correspondence with local authorities.

  • Compliance with local legal requirements

    Legal risks are transferred to us through our employment model. We ensure compliance with local legislation, such as the observance of deadlines or the handling of terminations.

What Our

Customers Say

Yanis Mellata
CEO and Co-founder Kosy Office

WorkMotion was the key to smoothly hiring key talent for us in Belgium. The process was extremely efficient, and our international talent was onboarded in less than week.

Anne Noack
Team Lead, People& Culture, PlusDental

Using WorkMotion has allowed our company to continue growing our team, employing anyone outside of our HQ was very difficult, and now the process is really simple and fast.

Rickard Fritjofsson
CEO and Founder at Nordic, Multilingual and IT Jobs Worldwide

As a leader in connecting top jobs with the best talent from the Nordic region, the WorkMotion platform has been key for our growth. Hiring has just become faster while remaining 100% compliant with local laws.


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