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Say ciao to long onboarding processes

Effortless contract generation

In a matter of minutes, the WorkMotion platform streamlines the intricate process of contract generation. Consider this illustrative workflow—a testament to our commitment to enhancing efficiency and cultivating enhanced employee experiences.

Step 1: Select your target country

Start by choosing the target country for onboarding. Our user-friendly platform lets you effortlessly pick the destination, aligning your hiring with local regulations.

select your targe country

Step 2: Input talent & contract details

Effortlessly input talent information and tailor contract specifics using our intuitive platform. From salary details to paid time off, our system empowers you to provide the necessary data with ease. Plus, leverage our salary and compensation calculator tool for additional support.

Step 3: Generate local contracts automatically

With our dynamic contract template (that has been extensively reviewed by legal experts), you are able to customize your preferences, with contract fields adapting to your choices. This flexibility enables you to build a contract suited to your needs while ensuring full compliance with local regulations.

finalize with esignature via docusign

Step 4: Finalize with e-signatures via DocuSign

Share the contract with the talent for swift electronic signing through DocuSign. By enabling online contract signing, we eliminate the hassles of printing and scanning. The result? Achieve comprehensive onboarding in less than 10 minutes!

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Our processes are quick, easy and extremely detailed. So you never have to worry about compliance, legal and tax-related issues when onboarding talent abroad.

Yannis Mellata

"The people we hired are a testament to the fact that, with WorkMotion, we can hire the right talent, regardless of their location. Besides, using WorkMotion as our extended HR department and profiting for their quick processes is a win for us."

Yanis Mellata CEO & Co-founder at Kosy Office

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