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How to Thrive in a Remote Work Environment?

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What does the Remote Work Academy offer?

The Remote Work Academy offers you a comprehensive collection of resources that are focused on helping you thrive in a remote work environment. We provide you helpful articles, videos and thought-leadership content that cover topics such as communication, productivity, feedback culture, and mental well-being.


In today's world, remote work has become increasingly popular due to its many benefits. With remote work, employees have the flexibility to work from any location, at any time, which can result in increased productivity and reduced costs for companies. However, remote work also comes with its own unique challenges, and one of the biggest challenges is communication.

Cultural Shift of Working

Traditionally, work was typically done in a physical office setting, with set working hours, strict hierarchies, and a focus on productivity above all else.

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What to Consider when Working Remotely?

Listen to our internal experts best practices while working remotely. Learn, grow and adapt!

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Importance of collaborating remotely

What is Important when Collaborating Remotely?

Collaborating remotely can present unique challenges, but with the right approach, it can be a highly effective way to work.

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Introduction to Asynchronous Communication

This type of communication is particularly beneficial for individuals who work remotely or across different time zones, as it allows them to collaborate on projects and communicate with their colleagues without physical presence.

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The 5 Levels of Remote Work

Each level has its own benefits and challenges, and the right level for a particular organization will depend on its unique needs and goals.

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The Differences between Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication

If you are working in a factory or a hospital, synchronous work is mandatory. But in a remote work set up, this is not so important anymore.

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In a remote work setup, productivity can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, remote workers have the flexibility to work from any location, which can help them be more productive and focused. On the other hand, remote work can also come with distractions and challenges that can negatively impact productivity.

How to Prioritize Work when Everything seems Important?

When everything seems important, it can be challenging to determine where to focus your time and energy. How can you make sure to be productive when everything seems important?

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How to Run more Effective Remote Meetings?

Running effective meetings in a remote work set up requires some additional considerations compared to in-person meetings. We want to share some tipps with you about the right approach.

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The right tools for remote work

Boost your Remote Work Productivity with the Right Tools

Being informed about any product you use ensures that you use it to its full potential. It can also help you decide whether it’s a suitable tool for you.

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Remote Meetings

Successful Meetings in a Remote Work Set-Up

Meetings are remarkably costly. Gather even a small group of people in a conference room for an hour, and you can easily lose an entire day’s worth of work.

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Growing your attentional space

Expand Your Focus: Tips for Growing Your Attentional Space

If you have read our other articles about productivity in a remote set-up, you surely realised that most of the strategies were aiming at how to become a better custodian of your attentional space.

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Organising your Time & Calendar in a Remote Set-Up

We’d like to offer a few simple strategies to begin hyperfocusing on your intentions. These will become infinitely more powerful as you learn to tame distractions in advance.

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How to Reach a Better Productivity Level

In today’s fast-paced world, being organised is more important than ever. In this article, we will explore some effective strategies for organising yourself, both at home and at work, so that you can maximise your productivity and achieve your goals.

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Productivity Basics

Productivity Basics

Productivity is the measure of how effectively we use our time to accomplish tasks and achieve goals. In a world where time is a limited and valuable resource, productivity is crucial to success in both personal and professional endeavours. 

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Feedback culture​

Feedback is essential for any remote team to succeed. In a remote work setup, where face-to-face interaction may be limited, feedback culture becomes even more critical. Establishing a feedback culture that encourages open communication, constructive criticism, and ongoing feedback can help remote teams stay connected, motivated, and productive.

feedback model desc

The DESC Feedback Model

Overall, the DESC feedback tool is a helpful framework for providing feedback that is clear, specific, and constructive. It can be used in a variety of settings.

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How to receive feedback

How To Give Feedback

Feedback should be given consistently, and it should mostly be positive. Remember that feedback is more than the words you speak.

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feedback challenges

Feedback Challenges

Being proactive and effective isn’t always comfortable, especially when it comes to giving feedback. Being aware of the challenges that come with giving feedback can be beneficial to both giver and receiver.

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Feedback Culture for Remote Teams

Working and succeeding as a team requires clear communication and regular check-ups—even more so when teams are spread across continents! Giving and receiving feedback isn’t always easy. 

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Mental well-being​

Remote work can offer many benefits, such as increased flexibility and autonomy, but it can also come with its own set of unique challenges, including those related to mental well-being. In a remote work setup, employees may experience feelings of isolation, disconnection, and burnout due to the lack of social interaction and blurred lines between work and personal life. To support mental well-being, remote teams must prioritize work-life balance and create a supportive and inclusive work culture.

How to Establish a Work-Life-Balance while Working Remotely?

Establishing a good work-life balance is essential when working remotely to prevent burnout, maintain productivity, and achieve a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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mental health support

How to Support the Mental Well-Being of Others

Dealing with mental health issues requires empathy and understanding. Many people will deal with such problems—possibly even you—so being an ally is important.

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mental health in the modern workplace

Mental Health in the Modern Workplace

Because our mental health affects the quality of our personal and professional lives, we must be proactive in nurturing it, especially when working remotely.

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Minding your mental health

Mind your Health when Working Remotely

The more often we scatter focus to replenish our mental energy, the more energy we have for our most important tasks.

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Hear from our internal experts

"While working remotely consistency is important. Consistency in doing what makes you recharge and feel good. Whether it’s sports, being with your loved ones, other hobbies or just recharging while sleeping. Block time for these things to happen on a regular basis."

Jimena Mondragon

VP Marketing & Communication, WorkMotion

“A lot of people think that focusing means to say “yes” to certain things but in reality it also means to say “no” to a lot of other things that are thrown your way. As well as we have to prioritise it’s equally or even more important to de-prioritise. Deprioritise what is defocusing you from your OKR projects."

Bastian Eichler

VP Product, WorkMotion

“It doesn’t matter where the person sits. What matters is who you want working in your company, regardless of location.”

Lema Wahedi

VP People, WorkMotion

“Don’t forget: we are just at the beginning of a massive cultural shift in the way of how we work. This shift might be as big as for example the industrial revolution when people moved from the fields into the factory. Be open to this new kind of work. We are all learning together and we all thrive to make things better in a remote work environment.”

Carsten Lebtig

CEO & Co-Founder, WorkMotion