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The Remote Work Academy

Create and promote a healthy work culture and environment in which your remote team and you can be more productive, reach your company goals and thrive.

How to Thrive in a Remote Work Environment?

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What does the Remote Work Academy offer?

The Remote Work Academy offers you a comprehensive collection of resources that are focused on helping you thrive in a remote work environment. We provide you helpful articles, videos and thought-leadership content that cover topics such as communication, productivity, feedback culture, and mental well-being.

Hear from our internal experts

"While working remotely consistency is important. Consistency in doing what makes you recharge and feel good. Whether it’s sports, being with your loved ones, other hobbies or just recharging while sleeping. Block time for these things to happen on a regular basis."

Jimena Mondragon

VP Marketing & Communication, WorkMotion

“A lot of people think that focusing means to say “yes” to certain things but in reality it also means to say “no” to a lot of other things that are thrown your way. As well as we have to prioritise it’s equally or even more important to de-prioritise. Deprioritise what is defocusing you from your OKR projects."

Bastian Eichler

VP Product, WorkMotion

“It doesn’t matter where the person sits. What matters is who you want working in your company, regardless of location.”

Lema Wahedi

VP People, WorkMotion

“Don’t forget: we are just at the beginning of a massive cultural shift in the way of how we work. This shift might be as big as for example the industrial revolution when people moved from the fields into the factory. Be open to this new kind of work. We are all learning together and we all thrive to make things better in a remote work environment.”

Carsten Lebtig

CEO & Co-Founder, WorkMotion