Hire Across Europe with Flexible Options

Growing a business abroad can be complex, especially if you
want flexibility with how you hire with your brand in a new markets.

Leave this challenge with WorkDirect. We make it easy to adapt
your expansion strategy to your needs without having to compromise your brand presence.

Global companies expanding quickly while also laser focused on meeting compliance requirements.

Hire across Europe while preserving your brand name - offer custom benefits to your talent while we support global payroll and your local employer registration

Register As An Employer

We assist with your local company registration which enables you to hire in the target country under your brand. With a network of local experts, we provide full guidance including legal and compliance support as well as document filing. We have streamlined this process so you can be set up in a matter of weeks!

Contract Administration

Accelerate talent onboarding wiht contract templates reviewed by experts with deep knowledge of local country regulations. Customized benefits can also be offered to talent while ensuring 100% legal compliance.

Comprehensive Reference Guides

Consult our database of knowledge sheets with in-depth guides on what you need to consider when hiring talent abroad.

Payroll Administration, Reporting & Payslips

Onboard your talent for payroll services seamlessly. Through the platform, receive timely payroll reporting for each target country with detailed instructions on how to administer payment. Payslips are sent to employees in all countries.

Where WorkDirect services are available

United Kingdom

How it works

Foreign Country Registration Process

Step 1

Data Gathering in WorkMotion Platform

Step 2

Data Required from Employer
& Employee
  • Commercial register
  • Power of Attorney
  • Passport copy of Director(s)
  • Employee Contract

* Please note that additional costs
may apply depending on documents needed as per each countries

Step 3

Registration & Payroll Setup

Average duration is approximately 3-6 weeks. Timeline is dependant on target
country regulations and when all client documents are recieved.

Step 4

Monthly Payroll Run
  • provision of monthly payslip
    to employee
  • Monthly payroll report per
    country with tax and contributions
    payment instructions
  • Client is responsible for direct
    payment of salaries, taxes and

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes they can be supported. However, we do not offer any advice on this and there may be an additional charge as payroll have to take some extra steps when making payment.

No- in addition to the monthly service fee that we charge for WorkDirect, there
will be the normal employer contributions for income tax and social security
required, depending on each employee’s salary. There might be additional fees in the
setup process that we pass through to you at cost.

  • Authorization fees (courts, etc.) will be charged at cost.
  • Translation
    fees will be charged at cost.
  • Bank transfer
    fees will be charged at cost.
  • Any legal
    advice/consultation outside of the scope of services described
    under “Service Description” will be charged at cost.
  • Out-of-scope
    services will be charged at cost

We share payslips with both the employee and clients via our WorkMotion platform.

Yes- minor changes can be made to our fully compliant contract templates. However, significant changes may incur additional costs and delays in onboarding employees as they will require legal review from our country experts. 

As soon as we have initiated the registration process, we will be able to provide you with an employment contract template that is compliant with the labour laws of a target country. 

Once the registration process is completed and we have received all required documents from the employee including a signed employment contract, we can onboard them (register them for payroll, income tax and social security benefits) within 4-5 working days.

No, there is no new legal entity itself, since the foreign company becomes registered in the other country. This is only possible, because there is no local office presence or local commercial activity.

  • Advice for gathering all required company documents and authorizations (e.g. document compiling, notary authorizations).
  • Supporting the translation of documents from the registering company’s local language to the local language of the country where registration takes place.
  • Completeness check and submission of documents to the country of registration.
  • Signature of Power of Attorney for representative.
  • Coordination and communication (incl. in case of clarification documents, further documentation) with local legal representative to conduct registration including but not limited to business, tax, labor office, social security and insurance registration.
  • Assistance in opening a local bank account (if so decided).
  • Preparation and provision of master employment contract in accordance with local employment law.

If there are no employees live during the first 12 months, we will use the deposit to cover our initial costs. Running costs due to country-specific requirements (in some countries none, in others some, e.g. yearly workforce reporting) will then be charged at cost.

If you register in, e.g., Spain, it is only valid to hire in that country. You can, though, perform this registration in multiple European countries, where WorkDirect is available.

This depends on the country, but usually 4 to 6 weeks after we have received all documents.

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