Hey, we are the WorkMotion Team!

You can find our headquarters in the centre of Berlin. However most of our staff is working fully remote. We are an international team with people working from all over the world.





We might not all be in the same office, but we are always connected

We want to set an example that as a remote company, you can still have a healthy company culture. Whether you join our events or meetings, you will find dynamic solutions for hiring globally.

Meet Our


Carsten Lebtig

Co-Founder Growth

Felix Steffens

Co-Founder Operations

Karim Zaghloul

Co-Founder Product & Tech

Our Staff

Daniel Beck

Senior Product Manager

WorkMotion has an incredibly tight knit team paired with ample learning opportunities in a fast paced environment that barely knows what a hierarchy is! I would be lying if I said it is easy and not pushing me to grow, but how many people can say that their CEO invites the whole office to their pirate-themed birthday party? (How many people can say that despite working remotely and growing from 5 to almost 150 colleagues, they have met almost the whole company and made genuine friends across the world? It sounds cheesy, but at WorkMotion I genuinely can!

Ngoc Anh Le
Senior Growth Marketing Manager

Our Staff

Ngoc Anh Le

Senior Growth Marketing Manager

Working for a German company which is well-known for efficiency - with my talented colleagues from all over the world - while enjoying a croissant in France! How cool is that!
For me, WorkMotion is a combination of growth and freedom. Having the opportunity to work for one of the fastest growing companies in Europe, I’ve learnt so much, not only the knowledge and experience in my field but also other things related to business growth, international cultures, etc. Not an easy ride but it’s worth joining!

Daniel Beck
Senior Product Manager

How We Work

WorkMotion transforms your workplace by making it easier than ever to build international teams. We want to be a part of revolutionizing your workplace. With our solutions, we enable companies to grow and expand their teams without regard to national borders. At WorkMotion, we digitize and simplify time-consuming onboarding processes, helping companies to onboard talent from all over the world quickly, easily and with compliance.

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Our Mission

We are a Tech Start-up with the mission to provide software and compliance solutions for organizations to employ talent globally. The future of work life is going to be more connected and remote. We want to be an essential part of the change in many workplaces and support their journey of building international teams.

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Our Vision

We believe that working and hiring without barriers of locality will positively impact global societies. Our product exists to support and encourage companies to find and hire talented employees all over the world. In living our own vision, we built an international team with over ** nationalities working from different countries, all working together on our goals.


The base of our work is built on our three central values. We defined these values because they define how we work at Workmotion. The company values build the base that defines our company’s vision, mission, and principles.

You can see the values as a guiding philosophy in the daily work life at WorkMotion. Our values are our fundamental pillars. We build our work on them every day. They follow us along in every workstep. By defining our values we define how we work at WorkMotion.

We take on challenges and strive to create the best possible solution.

When faced with a problem we first evaluate different solutions, weighing benefits and risks of each. Once a solution is defined, we fully commit to its path to completion, regardless of any obstacles or challenges.

We care about shared success and are keen to roll up our sleeves to contribute where needed. We know that regardless of our role, all contributions help further the goals for the entire WorkMotion team.

Global Hiring Made Easy

We help companies quickly generate
employment contracts and onboard talent
in over 160 countries, in full compliance
with local legislation.

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