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All great adventures start with a great team


Our journey so far

WorkMotion, a Covid baby

The idea for WorkMotion was born in the middle of the first lockdown. The pandemic drastically accelerated work from home: a concept that was already in development, but still hadn’t been fully embraced. The world was changing, and companies quickly adapted to their entire workforce going remote. Suddenly, geography didn’t matter anymore.

Tackling Europe's talent shortage

When our founders Carsten, Karim and Felix first met, they talked about the huge opportunity this new way of working had created. Over the next several coffee shop meetings in Berlin, they discussed a major pain point for European businesses: lack of skilled workers and the difficulty of compliance in the European market.

Goodbye, borders

The three of them set up WorkMotion together with a shared goal in mind: to remove all barriers between great companies and skilled talent. And to do this the European way: fast, efficient and completely compliant.

Scaling up and growing fast

After our series B funding round of $50M, we have been fast-tracking growth and quickly scaling to develop the technological capabilities of our Global Talent OS platform.

Our values

Can do

We are dynamic, driven, and enthusiastic in our quest to grow and succeed as a team. When we band together and act decisively, no challenge is too big or complex to overcome. By focusing on results and flexing our “can do” attitude, we strive for the best possible solutions.

Sleeves up

At WorkMotion, we each endeavor to do our personal best, but it’s only through teamwork that we thrive. So, when we commit to a goal, we “roll up our sleeves” and work together—regardless of hierarchy—to get the job done.

Beyond borders

We represent a modern, multicultural workplace, naturally open-minded and rich in diverse perspectives. By emphasising talent over location, we’ve assembled a global team that values flexibility and relies on trust. We proudly embody the remote working ethos and champion an increasingly borderless world.

Our Founders

Carsten Lebtig

Co-Founder Growth

Felix Steffens

Co-Founder Operations

Karim Zaghloul

Co-Founder Product & Tech