Simplify global team expense management and ensure compliance effortlessly

Say hello to Expense Check , a solution that seamlessly integrates with underlying tax compliance knowledge unique to each country and expense category. Submit expenses in minutes, and let us take care of the tax details.

Expense check: Your compliance partner

Eliminate compliance concerns with Expense Check's country-specific fields and tax expertise

Input country-specific expense details

Our platform incorporates all the required input fields for different categories of expenses following each country’s rules for taxation. It also includes the talent's local currency amounts for added convenience

Integrate tax compliance expertise

The feature provides clarity on whether specific expense categories are subject to taxation in a particular country and offers precise details on the taxable amounts within those categories

Automate notifications regarding taxability

Within minutes, talent submits receipts, and your HR team is promptly notified of expense tax status, streamlining the process and reducing manual sorting based on taxability

Guarantee 100% compliance

We guarantee talent expense reporting with 100% compliance. This feature protects your company from costly errors and penalties, ensuring a secure and hassle-free financial process

How It Works

Streamlined Submission Process:

Talented team members initiate the expense management journey by submitting their expense requests seamlessly through our user-friendly platform. No more paperwork or complex procedures – just a straightforward process to kickstart the expense tracking.

Expense check at Workmotion
Expense Check at Workmotion screenshot
Informed Decision with Tax Insights:

Upon receiving expense requests, the HR team takes charge. They meticulously review each expense and receive real-time notifications about its taxable status. This means HR can make well-informed decisions swiftly, without the hassle of separate tax research.

Comprehensive HR Dashboard:

Our platform empowers HR with a holistic summary view of all incoming expense requests. From this centralized dashboard, HR gains a clear understanding of the entire expense landscape. This comprehensive overview enables efficient tracking, management, and reporting of expenses in a single, efficient interface.

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