Frequently Asked Questions

Hire employees abroad without a local branch. We manage payroll, social benefits and taxes 100% legally compliant.

WorkMotion is the employer, not your company.

‍Employing talent abroad is linked to several compliance risks: on the corporate level (Permanent Establishment), and related to the employee directly (employment taxes, social security, labour law).

WorkMotion’s clients do not want to take on those responsibilities. WorkMotion can provide access to a global network of WorkMotion’s legal entities in over 140 countries. Those legal entities will then hire your talent, i.e. your employees will receive an employment contract by the local company. The local company takes on all of the responsibilities of an employer:

  1. issuing the employment contract
  2. setting up payroll
  3. local registrations of the employee with authorities
  4. calculating monthly payroll
  5. payments to the employee, tax-authorities, social security, etc.
  6. ensuring compliance with local labour regulations
  7. etc.

We currently do not offer management (e.g. payments, time-tracking, contracts) of contractors.

In the case you want to convert contractors to become employees, this is obviously not a problem for us.

Absolutely yes.

Many of our clients use WorkMotions’s Employer of Record model, to be able to quickly hire compliantly in a country. If your commitment to a country becomes more serious, e.g. you have more than 10 employees or want to do more business in the country, setting up a legal entity might be a good idea. In this case we will help to transfer the employees form our employment contracts to your company in a seamless way.


WorkMotion covers 140+ countries and we treat all engagements the same, independently from the country.

Countries, of course, vary sometime in terms of labour regulations (e.g. France vs. USA) or benefits that are statutory.

It depends.

We always have to assess the regulation in the country, in which the work will be performed by your employee.

For example in Germany, employee leasing is limited to 18 months. There are a handful of countries where similar rules apply.

In most countries, however, there is no maximum length.

WorkMotion (in most cases).

WorkMotion is your compliance partner for employment abroad. We assume most risks associated with the employment of your talent.

When it comes to termination of employment, however, the “financial consequences” (e.g. severance payments, etc.) are borne by you. (please refer to our guidance on terminations as well).


Please talk to us, as this is a very interesting topic, that requires a better understanding of your needs / plans.

For example we can help you set up flexible work policies for your company.

If you still have questions after reading through the document, please do not hesitate to reach out to your trusted Account Executives!