How BetterDoc supercharged growth by filling crucial roles remotely

BetterDoc, a digital health company headquartered in Cologne, Germany, founded in 2012, has overcome growth challenges by strategically hiring talents for crucial roles.

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BetterDoc's Unique Approach

BetterDoc has a workforce of approximately 200 employees, offering a distinctive service connecting patients with the right doctors and specialists. Their methodology involves collecting quality data from the healthcare system and conducting patient-focused research and surveys. To expand their team, BetterDoc collaborates with WorkMotion to hire employees globally.

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The Hiring Challenge

As BetterDoc continued its growth, the need for skilled talent, especially for the product development team, became apparent. Finding the right talent for specific roles turned out to be quite challenging in the local market. That's why the company decided to expand its talent search to the wider European market.

"Finding and attracting software developers within Germany is very challenging. So we had to explore talent abroad and find a legal way to hire them without establishing subsidiaries or offices in each country."

Partnering with WorkMotion

BetterDoc found the perfect solution with WorkMotion, leveraging their services to hire and onboard specialists compliantly from abroad. Using the WorkGlobal product solution, BetterDoc accelerated its growth, filling positions promptly and benefiting from a broader talent pool. They have now onboarded employees in Spain, Portugal, and France.

"The process is relatively easy. With a short onboarding process on the WorkMotion platform, we can focus on more critical HR aspects, such as development and organisation."

Future Remote Hiring with WorkMotion

Future hiring initiatives will prioritise remote capabilities, seeking to build a team that spans geographical boundaries and capitalises on a diverse pool of talent accessible through virtual recruitment channels. As BetterDoc envisions substantial growth, their strategy involves hiring employees within Europe to expand their reach beyond the German labour market.

"WorkMotion will continue to be instrumental in our growth, facilitating seamless remote hiring within Europe."

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