Enhanced Dashboard View

  • April 7, 2022
  • Author: Stephanie Kong
Enhanced Dashboard View

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Our new dashboard view provides a summary of all your global talent onboarding activities in one place! Without having to navigate through to other screens, you can identify any areas of your hiring strategy that may need improvement or some extra help. 


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New Updates

We will have consistent updates with new product releases or other improvements to our platform. You can see this immediately at the top of the dashboard page.




Financial Summary

You can see a summary of total hiring costs, expenses and invoices submitted by your talent. You can quickly identify whether you are coming close to your maximum salary budgets and plan accordingly.




Onboarding Status

Our new onboarding status will show you the status of all your talents as well and their start dates. A view of the total number of talents you have signed and the ones that are pending, paired with your financial summary view can provide significant insights for your global hiring strategy.



Country Insights and Talent Demographics

A map shows you which countries your talent is located in and the percentage of talent located in each. You can also view the general demographics of your talent. As the HR leader you will be able to: 

  • Using this view to quickly summarise the location of your global talent for your company’s senior team. 
  • Create culturally resonating and employee specific engagement activities. You can plan your talent engagement strategy based on the country of each hire, leveraging cultural events or holidays in those countries, as well as based on their specific employment types (contract/full time/part time hires).



Action Items 

No need to navigate to another page for tasks that need your immediate attention. In one glance, you can identify the items that require sign off. This will create a better experience not only for you but also for your talent. They will receive timely responses for their expense requests as well as faster turnaround for new talent contracts.




Take A Look Around Now!

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