Global Hiring: How Heyflow expanded into new markets with worldwide hiring

Heyflow wanted to grow and expand to about 30 new employees. But hiring tech, marketing and sales people can be challenging if only looking on the local market. Listen to their story of how they managed to grow their team globally.

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Heyflow at a glance

Heyflow is a no-code solution Software-as-a-Service company, where you can build click flows for B2C lead generation. The company was founded only in 2022 and is still a very young start-up with 50 employees who are based in and outside Germany. Heyflow partnered with WorkMotion to expand its talent pool outside the German labour market.

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What challenge was Heyflow facing?

January 2022 was a very busy time. It was just after the COVID pandemic; Heyflow was facing a growth phase and had just received a 6-million-dollar seed funding. The company wanted to use the funding to grow and also to expand to about 25-30 employees within the year. They knew that hiring tech, marketing and sales people could be challenging and the question that we were faced with was this: Where can we find these people?

“We immediately knew that these people are not only limited within Germany or within the German language territory, so we decided to go for worldwide hiring.”

How did WorkMotion help Heyflow to solve their challenge?

A simple Google search directed Heyflow to WorkMotion. With the help of the WorkGlobal solution, the company was able to expand their talent pool and onboard talent from around the world.

“Of course, there are quite a few service providers on the market. And of course, you have to do a little bit of research in order to make a feasible comparison. But in the end, we chose WorkMotion because everything seemed straightforward, simple and not unnecessarily over-engineered.”

Future hiring goals with WorkMotion

Heyflow has hired skilled talent with WorkMotion in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Kosovo and Canada. The possibility of remote hiring and being so diverse has already had a massive effect on Heyflow’s company culture. Heyflow now has 50 employees from over 19 nationalities.

“Maybe the next one will be in Poland, or maybe in France. Nobody knows but it’s exciting and I’m looking forward to learning so much more from this person and getting culturally enriched.”

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