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Onboard and manage teams in 160+ countries within minutes. Save time, effort and money. Stay 100% compliant.

Global hiring, simplified

Global hiring requires an understanding of local employment regulations and requirements. WorkGlobal enables fast onboarding of your global talent while ensuring compliance with local employment regulations. Let WorkGlobal handle your global hiring.

Hire abroad with one of our local entities or partners. WorkGlobal takes care of all your talent onboarding requirements, including employment regulations and end-to-end payroll management.


Fastest onboarding

Use our contract templates to expedite your talent onboarding experience. Our contract templates are extensively reviewed for legal compliance in our available countries.

Ensured compliance

We ensure that your talent onboarding is 100% compliant to each country’s employment regulations. Receive process support and advice every step of the way. With us, you can breathe easy and never run into risks while onboarding talent.


Financial management tools

Process employee expenses and allowances easily with our platform. With our innovative calculator tools, you can also assess hiring costs for each talent, depending on the country they are based and their job title.

Partner ecosystem

We partner with some remarkable companies in our industry to offer you best-in-class quality and reliability. Our trusted partners and integrations increase team productivity and enhance the talent onboarding experience.


Country guidance

Consult our in-depth country guides on all the relevant employment related information you need to consider when hiring talent abroad.

WorkGlobal in over
160+ countries

WorkGlobal engagement process

Find talent abroad - where we have no local legal entity

Set up WorkMotion account and choose country

Set up country specific countract for talent in the WorkMotion platform

Send contract to talent to sign

Talent signs contract

Employer is notified in the platform that the talent has been onboarded