4 fun ways to promote remote company spirit this holiday season

January 4, 2022


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With the end of the year right around the corner, it’s time for companies to get into the holiday spirit.

As end of the year staff parties act as an important means of connecting people. They also go a long way in demonstrating appreciation to your employees while creating a space for people to engage, enjoy and relax. However, if you are leading remote teams, you’ll know that end of year celebrations can be tricky. Yet, that’s why they remain all the more necessary.

The holiday season can be isolating and difficult in a digital-first workplace, especially for people who have chosen to work abroad. That’s why we think it’s essential to engage this festive season and there are many tools available. Bring your remote teams closer together and nurture a positive company environment for the coming year.

Here, we share our top recommendations for hosting a virtual staff party that is not only well-received but cultivates teamwork, collaboration and inclusion.

1. Secret gift exchange‍ 🎁

Organize a secret gift exchange across teams and have them posted and received ahead of your virtual end of year party.

Tools like Elfster streamline the administration of secret gift-giving across the world. It even allows people to build a profile around their likes and dislikes. This not only makes for better gifts but also enables teams to get to know one another. A well thought out gift goes a long way to building rapport between staff, and people getting to know one another is excellent for collaboration.

2. Virtual dinner party‍ 🎉

What is a party without food? Thank your staff for all their hard work and send food or food delivery vouchers to be enjoyed at your virtual event. Platforms like Just Eat, Deliveroo and Delivery Hero should cover even the most spread out workforce.

Alternatively, for something more fun and interactive, send meal kits instead. Even if there are no master chefs among you, cooking together is fun and humanizing.  In remembering that international teams are spread across the world, allowing staff to select their meal of choice is not only inclusive but can be insightful.

Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon deliver meal kits across much of Europe, the US and Australia.

3. Interactive games ‍🎲

Nothing ignites peoples competitive spirit quite like a quiz night. However, there are numerous activities such as virtual escape rooms or online board games that can inspire teamwork in a fun way.

Split teams into groups and create a series of question rounds or choose a game that you think suits your company dynamic. Be thoughtful about it and divide teams according to who you think might benefit from getting to know someone else better. Combining teamwork and, hopefully, a lot of laughter encourages connection and boosts employee well-being along the way.

Tools like Quizeee, Kahoot, Toucan and Bramble are user-friendly and interactive ways to organize company-wide games as part of your end of year party.

4. Physical activities shared virtually‍ 💆‍♀️

Build connection through experience. There is any number of activities you can do to encourage creativity and connection while actually using your hands. Facilitate art classes, make a gingerbread house or build an indoor plant home for staff to keep at their workspace? Leafage hosts digital workshops on how to create your very own mini indoor garden. They’re great for air quality, and research suggests plant care can be good for general well-being.

Digital events supported by physical activities also divert attention away from the screen, which is great for reducing video call fatigue.

The holiday season poses an opportunity to provide an excellent remote team experience which is an integral part of a flexible or hybrid work policy. Furthermore, investing in your remote workforce acknowledges staff contributions and encourages good hierarchical relationships. This promotes a positive company culture, contributing to increased employee engagement and satisfaction and reduced employee turnover.

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