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July 7, 2022


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Why not think outside the border?

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“Being fully remote from day one while building ways of working and socialising around it.” Is certainly one of Kosy Office’s motto. 

In offering a service enabling companies to provide a connected, collaborative and fun virtual office experience, it made sense that Kosy Office embraces remote work in its entirety. Despite their official registered office being in the UK, Kosy has been fully remote from the beginning. It was also very early in their journey that Kosy wanted to hire from anywhere with a fully remote as well as distributed hiring strategy — and that’s where WorkMotion came in.  

  • Headquartered in the UK, though no physical office
  • Founded in March 2021
  • WorkMotion solution: WorkGlobal
  • Current hiring countries: Belgium, United Kingdom, Ukraine, the United States

All-in from day one 

From the very beginning, the leadership team wanted to define their hiring strategy and decided that they wanted to hire from anywhere— and it all started with their very first hire!

On one hand, Kosy wanted to hire the right people regardless of their location. However, on the other hand, they didn’t have a local presence or expertise in multiple countries nor the legal capabilities to navigate country specific regulations. Being a team of two, the founders Yanis and Sam aspired to hire new team members, yet had no idea how to.

When Kosy Office found a talent they wanted to hire in Belgium, they absolutely did not know how. In learning that WorkMotion could onboard talent in over 160 countries, including Belgium, it seemed their research paid off and the partnership between the two began.

 As soon as Kosy Office started using WorkMotion they interviewed people in Poland, Spain, the UK, Belgium, and even the United State and Canada. This opportunity gave them the option of hiring in multiple different countries, right from the start: as a matter of fact,  Kosy were able to really focus on getting the right person to join the team, regardless of where they were. 


WorkMotion: Kosy Office’s extended HR department


According to Kosy Office, WorkMotions major selling point was their quick internal processes and their expert knowledge of the countries where they hire. From questions regarding insurance, benefits and relocation, to local tax laws, Kosy leverage WorkMotions vast expertise in human resource management as well as global hiring.


Measurable benefits


While using WorkMotion as their independent human resource platform, Kosy Office identified the following benefits: 

  1. Flexibility to hire talent from anywhere
  2. Fast hiring processes and employee onboarding and 
  3. Cost transparency thanks to WorkMotions cost calculator tool 
  4. Time saved in general human resource management through the outsourcing of this function. 


The people we hired are a testament to the fact that, with WorkMotion, we can hire the right talent, regardless of their location. Besides, using WorkMotion as our extended HR department and profiting for their quick processes is a win for us.Yanis Mellata, CEO & Co-founder of Kosy Office

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