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June 3, 2022



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SumUp operates across 34 markets on 3 continents 

2800+ employees 

23 offices 

80+ nationalities 

Used solution: WorkGlobal 


Facing a new reality 

SumUp, the global financial technology leader noticed a few trends. The company was looking for a way to master the post-pandemic world: they wanted to increase the talent pool and enable work flexibility. Some of the employees did not want to relocate while some others wanted to return to their home country. Either way, it was key for SumUp to be able to hire and retain them. In fact, before the pandemic, employees had no choice but to relocate since all the work was happening in the office. 

With its existing employees, SumUp could finally attain a key HR goal: with the in-practice implementation of hybrid work, the company could leverage its very own talent pool by recruiting candidates in distant locations, who would not have applied in the past due to location circumstances, and not because of lack of skills. 

SumUp’s experiences led to its introduction to WorkMotion. With WorkGlobal, the Employer of Record (EoR) solution, SumUp was able to rediscover a wide range of talent, while maintaining the company’s hiring efforts. 

SumUp’s mission is to empower small businesses all over the world, and by extension, they empower their employees globally too, wherever they are. 


Counting benefits 

Several concrete benefits for SumUp while collaborating with WorkMotion include: 

  1. The company can finally hire talent that they could not previously due to geographical barriers. 
  2. WorkMotion’s EoR solution can be used as an interim solution during the visa processing period. 

How? With EoR, SumUp does not have to wait for the candidate to get their work visa. The talent can start working remotely right away, while waiting for their work permits and preparing for their relocation. 

  1. Amongst our competition, SumUp highlighted our country guide knowledge base as a significant differentiator and a key reason they chose our solution.

For example, the HR-team can access statutory regulations in Serbia in a matter of minutes when considering a talent in that country. 

Working with WorkMotion is really just easy for our HR-team. Uploading a talent is done in minutes. And at the same time, we appreciate the fact that WorkMotion is always evolving: we get access to tools such as salary benchmarking, gross/net salary calculator, and so much more. Exactly what we need!” 

Michali Henig – Global Mobility Lead at SumUp

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