The essential guide to hiring abroad & Employer of Record (EOR) in Europe

October 13, 2023


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Hiring isn’t just about filling a position and getting a job done. Today, it’s about finding candidates with goals that perfectly align with your organisation and talents that justify the job. Moreover, it’s about making sure your employees feel engaged and appreciated in their new roles.

In fact, 64% of recruiting leaders predict that the future of recruiting will favour the employees more than the employers.

This holds true for all kinds of hires—remote, international, or in-house. Especially when hiring internationally, you need to consider a whole lot of factors, such as compensation, benefits, engagement, onboarding, and more, to make sure you attract the right candidates.

Whether you’re expanding your business in a new location or wish to explore beyond the local talent pool, hiring abroad is your best bet to find the perfect fit for your team.

In this guide, we’ll share everything you need to know about hiring abroad and accessing Employer of Services (EOR) in Europe.

Why hiring abroad could be the best idea?

Hiring a candidate that fits the job profile and has the right amount of skills and experience for the role isn’t a piece of cake. It takes about a week to 30 days to hire a new employee, and this timeframe includes sourcing eligible candidates, screening them, interviewing them, and then initiating the offer. Not to forget, preboarding and onboarding too are now considered an essential part of the hiring process.

When you’re filling up an urgent position, chances are you cannot afford to go wrong with the hiring process. You need to have the right candidate who’s fit for the role accept your job offer and join by the required date before you can actually tick ‘hiring’ off your list. Your chances narrow down when you hire locally, as you only get access to a handful of talents.

By going international, you mainly broaden your spectrum and get hold of the best talents around the world. Moreover, by hiring an international candidate, you bring diversity to your team, which adds a new element of culture to your workplace. You get to learn about other countries' cultures and show them your ways to work collaboratively with each other.

Additionally, if you’re planning to set up a new office in a foreign country other than your homeland, it’s best that you start bringing in more locals from that country to your team. It will not only make the transition easier but also help you expand your business effectively in that location.

Convinced about hiring international candidates? Now, let’s look at some best practices to streamline the hiring process and find the right candidates for your team.

Best practices for hiring abroad

Get hold of the local practices

It’s always a good idea to get acquainted with the locality of the country you’re hiring from, in this case, Europe. Europe is linguistically diverse, with multiple languages spoken across different countries. Depending on your company's language requirements, assess the candidate's language proficiency in the necessary languages.

Moreover, take the following factors into account:

Make the right connections and network hard

Networking the right way can take you places and, in this case, to Europe and connect you with the best businesses and influencers there. That’s one aim you must keep in mind when hiring a candidate abroad.

Here are some tips for networking as a recruiter:

Invest in learning and development

Learning is a huge part of any job. When candidates see you giving importance to learning and development and offering upskilling opportunities in your job posts, it’ll tempt them to take you up on your offer and join your company.

Here are some tips for you:

Talking about learning and development platforms, companies like BetterUp facilitate the process for you and create customized learning programs for each employee.

Build a professional brand

One of the best ways to impress a potential hire is by showcasing your values, company culture, and milestones on your socials, preferably on LinkedIn. A well-defined and positive brand can make your company stand out as an employer of choice and appeal to top talent.

Here are some best practices:

Invest in EoR services

Investing in Employer of Record (EOR) services can offer several benefits to businesses, especially when it comes to managing global expansion, hiring international talent, and ensuring compliance with local employment laws.

Here are some ways in which EOR services can help:

Pay special attention to pre-boarding and onboarding

Preboarding and onboarding are essential processes for successfully integrating new employees into an organization and setting them up for success.

Here are some tips:

Hire the best global talent for your organisation

International hiring opens many doors and offers you a vast pool of talents that is hard to find locally. Make sure to follow the best practices to find the best fit for your organisation.

Parallely, focus on building your online presence (social media and website) and create thought-leadership content that represents the work you do in your organization. This will help attract the talented crowd across the globe and help you expand your reach.

Curious to know more?

We’re here to help you on your global hiring journey.

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