WorkMotion announces the appointment of Pieter Manden as Head of Trust and Employer Compliance

January 19, 2022


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January 20, 2022.

Following a $24 million investment in October 2021 by Activant Capital and XAnge, WorkMotion (, the leading HR-tech platform for global employment, has announced the appointment of Pieter Manden, a former PwC tax lawyer and compliance expert, as the company’s Head of Trust and Employer Compliance. 

With compliance coverage expertise spanning over 160 countries, managing over 1,000 employees for over 160 partner companies, and significant expansion planned throughout Europe, WorkMotion is the leading company in the remote work compliance sector. 

Manden joins the company during a period of significant growth, and will lead the way in building a scalable platform that allows this unprecedented influx of global partners to offer full compliance to employees, no matter where they are based. This, along with a focus on taxation compliance which sits at the core of the service that WorkMotion provides, will make hiring employees from across Europe and the globe as easy as hiring local talent.

Netherlands-born Manden, who graduated with a Master’s Degree in Tax Law from Leyden University in 2019, is a taxation expert with 13 years of experience in global employment compliance. He joins after spending his entire career so far at PwC, where he worked in several countries and was most recently a Tax Director for PwC Germany’s solutions for Remote Work. He holds an Executive MBA from ESCP Business School in Paris

Co-Founder and Managing Director of WorkMotion, Carsten Lebtig, comments: “Pieter brings a wealth of experience and leadership from his time at PwC to the growing Berlin startup ecosystem. He joins a rapidly growing and truly international team, with 200 people from over 20 different countries, to help build the most sophisticated global HR compliance system available today. Pieter also brings a deep knowledge of compliance and a culture of excellence, paired with data-driven decision making and a PwC-style execution.”

Pieter Manden adds: “WorkMotion has an impressive business model and has made great progress since it was launched in 2020. I am looking forward to solving the problems that this new world of remote work brings, and providing the best possible solutions for HR leads seeking to branch out into compliance. Managing employees in several countries can be confusing and difficult, but I am excited about continuing the project of tackling this challenge with one easy-to-use platform.” 



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