WorkMotion has raised $24 Million in Series A Funding

January 4, 2022


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We are thrilled to announce that WorkMotion has raised a $24 Million Series A Funding round, led by US growth investor Activant Capital, and French fund XAnge.

In just one year our team has managed to grow WorkMotion into the European leading HR-tech platform for global employment, making it easy for companies to continue their growth and hire talent as compliant as it can be.

Carsten Lebtig, our Co-Founder at WorkMotion, put it well:

“We are thrilled to welcome Activant Capital and XAnge to WorkMotion. As experienced growth investors with a long-term outlook and deep roots in the technology sector, we believe the partnership will be highly successful, and their backing is proof of the strong progress we have made since we launched just over a year ago. It’s a clear signal that both teams recognise the market opportunity for the management of employees abroad, and WorkMotion’s position as a leader in the European market. We continue to see rapid growth in all our key business metrics due to the new normal brought about by the pandemic, and this funding will enable us to execute our growth strategy over the coming years.”

With a distributed team of over 60 people, including a team in Egypt, the WorkMotion platform currently has over 170 companies, managing more than 500 remote employees across the world.

And what’s next?

Let’s keep working on our mission! WorkMotion has ambitious growth plans, fueled by the belief that working and hiring without barriers will positively impact global societies.

That is why we plan to use this new capital to continue our European expansion, launch new compliance solutions for large enterprise companies and expand our direct employment offering. In short: We strive to build the best global employment platform in the market.

We also want to take this opportunity for a big thank you to…

…our early-stage investor Picus Capital, for their belief in our vision and amazing support throughout the first year

…our clients, who’s feedback has been and continues to be invaluable in improving our offering

…and to the whole WorkMotion team, who has achieved so much within so little time.

Thank you! Your support and trust means the world to us!


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