Estimate your global hiring costs instantly

Expanding your team internationally? Budgeting is key.

Growing your team beyond borders unlocks a world of talent, but navigating diverse HR landscapes can be tricky. Hidden costs and complex regulations can quickly throw your budget off track. Understanding the total employment cost in a new country is crucial for accurate budgeting and informed decision-making.

So how do you figure out how much it costs to hire an employee abroad? We’ve got just the tool for you.

Meet our Employment Cost Calculator

As with every country, there are certain costs you have to pay along with the gross salary and bonus you offer to your talent. These might include health insurance, pension or unemployment funds. So how can you figure out the exact cost in a specific country? Enter our Employment Cost Calculator. It reveals the total price tag for hiring your next remote employee. This includes the employee’s base salary plus essential government contributions that vary by country.

The best part? When you hire with us, these contributions automatically flow through payroll, saving you time and ensuring compliance.

How does the Employment Cost Calculator work?

Choose country & enter salary

Enter the chosen country and desired gross salary. You can also choose to add bonus, and its payout frequency. Hit ‘Calculate’

View cost breakdown

View a line-by-line breakdown of the exact cost of employment. These might include expenses such as Pension Contributions, Social Security or Home Office Allowance.

Download PDF

Download a handy shareable PDF with the entire breakdown and save it on your system to revisit later.

Try again

Hit ‘Reset’ and try this out with other countries to see how employment costs change.

Transparent breakdown of costs

The Employment Cost Calculator provides a crystal-clear breakdown of all your potential employment costs, from allowances to social contributions. It also displays the expected total monthly payment and total annual payment.

No more digging through regulations or sifting through spreadsheets. Get the quote you can rely on. With a few clicks, you’ll have a complete cost picture, empowering you to make confident hiring decisions in 160+ countries.

Take our guided tour below and see our payroll process in action

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Our processes are quick, easy and extremely detailed. So you never have to worry about compliance, legal and tax-related issues when onboarding talent abroad.

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