Your all-in-one global employment toolbox

Feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of hiring, onboarding, and managing remote talent across borders? You’re not alone. Today’s HR teams face a tidal wave of regulations, calculations, and compliance challenges when building a global workforce.

From effortless salary benchmarking to calculating the true cost of employee terminations, our platform has all the tools you need to make your global hiring experience smooth like butter. 

Tools that streamline hiring & minimise risk

The WorkMotion platform offers you a suite of powerful tools designed to help you save time,

money and effort—also save you from running into legal risks.

Explore our tools and let us simplify your journey towards a thriving, international team.

Employment cost calculator

Get a high-level estimation of the cost of hiring an employee in another country.

Enter country, salary and bonus

Get a cost breakdown of gross salary, employer contributions and severance accrual

Download country-specific country guides

Net salary calculator

Calculate benchmark salaries for your employees in different countries.

Find out net salary in any country

Compare it with the net salary in another country

Calculate salary in multiple currencies

Country explorer

Discover where you should hire your next employee based on your preferences.

Select your search parameters eg. English proficiency

See top countries where you should hire

Download detailed country hiring playbooks

Offboarding cost calculator

Find out exactly what it costs to offboard current employees.

Enter employee details such as salary and notice period

Get a breakdown of termination costs and complexity

Steer clear of hidden expenses or unexpected surprises

Salary recommendation

Find out how much salary you should pay your international employee in specific countries according to their job roles.

Select the country and the job title

Get recommended average salary instantly

Find out the minimum, median and maximum salary

What our customers are saying about it

HR Leader at a German tech company

“The Employment Cost Calculator simplified our global hiring process by providing quick, accurate estimates, saving us valuable time and ensuring budget alignment across borders.”

Founder of a Sweden-based marketing firm

“The Offboarding Cost Calculator gave us clarity on the financial implications of employee exits, allowing us to budget effectively and manage transitions seamlessly.”

CEO at a German SaaS company

“The Country Explorer tool made it easy to discover the best countries to hire from, suggesting top locations based on what we need, and offering practical guides with effective recruitment strategies.”

Our solutions in a nutshell


Onboard in 160+ countries with the help of our local partners.

With WorkGlobal, you can:

fast track global talent onboarding

create compliant employment contracts

hire top talent within minutes from around the world

take care of all talent onboarding requirements in a 100% compliant way


Onboard talent across Europe while preserving your brand name through local registration.

WorkDirect lets you:

hire employees in another country without the need of a local third party

retain your own employer brand and custom employee benefits

register as a foreign employer and manage end-to-end employee lifecycle

Why you should hire with WorkMotion ?

Hire across the globe through our Employer of Record (EOR) solution. Our subsidiaries and network partners make this process fast and 100% compliant.

Access all ongoing onboarding activities on one easy-to-view dashboard and pay employees on time and in their local currency.



Hire highly skilled talent from over 160 countries around the world



Pay your international team on time and in their local currency


Legal experts

Get support and advice from a terrific team of local legal experts



Manage, pay and track your employees on a single platform

Ready to take your remote workforce strategy to the next level?

Our processes are quick, easy and extremely detailed. So you never have to worry about compliance, legal and tax-related issues when onboarding talent abroad.

"The people we hired are a testament to the fact that, with WorkMotion, we can hire the right talent, regardless of their location. Besides, using WorkMotion as our extended HR department and profiting for their quick processes is a win for us."

Yanis Mellata CEO & Co-founder at Kosy Office

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