Supercharge global hiring with our platform integrations

Don’t let global hiring disrupt your HR ecosystem. WorkMotion seamlessly integrates with your existing HRIS system, ensuring a smooth flow of data and a familiar experience for your team. Our robust partner network means you can maintain your preferred tools while unlocking the power of global workforce management.

Level up with WorkMotion integrations

At WorkMotion, we understand the importance of a cohesive HR technology ecosystem. That’s why we designed our platform to seamlessly integrate with your existing HRIS system. We’re not here to replace your valuable tools, but rather to complement them.

Think of WorkMotion as the missing piece – the bridge that allows for effortless data exchange between your HRIS and our platform. This ensures a smooth, streamlined experience for both you and your global workforce.

Save dozens of hours on admin & global team management

HRIS with Personio

Unify your global HR data with Personio’s powerful HRIS platform. Gain real-time insights, manage employee records efficiently, and ensure compliance across borders. Automatically synchronise relevant talent data like PTO between Personio and WorkMotion by activating this integration.

People management with HiBob

Cultivate a thriving global team with HiBob’s engaging people management features. Foster performance management, recognition, and a positive employee experience. Automatically synchronise relevant talent data between HiBob and WorkMotion by activating this integration.

Simplify HR complexity with BambooHR

Streamline payroll and talent acquisition with BambooHR. Manage payroll for your global team, simplify hiring with their Applicant Tracking System, and ensure compliance with local regulations. Automatically synchronise relevant talent data between BambooHR and WorkMotion by activating this integration.

Enterprise management with WorkDay

Expand your capabilities with Workday’s comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) suite. Automate tasks, optimise workflows, and empower your global employees to be their best. Automatically synchronise relevant talent data between WorkDay and WorkMotion by activating this integration.

Equipment management with Hofy

Simplify equipment tracking and management with Hofy’s advanced solutions. Ensure smooth equipment allocation, track usage, and reduce administrative burdens. Book the equipment for your next international employee simply through the WorkMotion platform to simplify your supplier management.

Health insurance with SafetyWing

Offer peace of mind to your international team with SafetyWing’s global health insurance plans. Provide healthcare coverage wherever your employees work, fostering security and well-being. Easily add one of SafetyWing’s international health insurances during your next onboarding on the WorkMotion platform.

Seamlessly integrate with our open API

Our open API lets you connect our Employer of Record services directly to your HR platform. Streamline onboarding, payroll, and benefits for your contractors with secure, automated data exchange. Focus on your core business, we’ll handle the rest.

Benefits of WorkMotion integrations

No more data silos

Say goodbye to clunky manual data entry and hello to seamless information flow.

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Simplified processes

Manage your international employees with ease, with all relevant data readily available within your existing HR system.

Enhanced efficiency

Boost productivity by eliminating the need for multiple logins and data duplication across platforms.

Why our customers choose us

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Hear from our happy customers

Devid Baumgärtner, Global Mobility Partner, Germany

“WorkMotion makes compliance in other countries easy. The customer support is always happy to help if required.”

Harriet Keown, Content Creator, France

“WorkMotion made my remote onboarding experience so simple! I had just moved to a new country & they helped me navigate my new working and legal environment with ease.”

Gombos Lorand, Developer, Romania

“Whether you’re a seasoned HR professional or new to the field, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to accomplish tasks within WorkMotion.”

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Our processes are quick, easy and extremely detailed. So you never have to worry about compliance, legal and tax-related issues when onboarding talent abroad.

"The people we hired are a testament to the fact that, with WorkMotion, we can hire the right talent, regardless of their location. Besides, using WorkMotion as our extended HR department and profiting for their quick processes is a win for us."

Yanis Mellata CEO & Co-founder at Kosy Office

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