Offer the right salary to your international employees

Excited about global hiring and raring to go, but stumped by this question: how much salary to offer to your international talent?

There’s a lot to consider. Income differences, cost of living, local laws and taxes. It’s tricky to come up with a number that’s fair to both your business and the talent. How do you determine the salary differences between employees in the same position but in different countries? You’ve come to the right place.

Decide the correct salary range for your remote hire ​

It’s one thing to decide to hire employees in another country. And a whole other game to decide the right salary. Let’s say you have an open position and you’d like to dive into the diverse skill set of professionals in Spain. How will you know what salary to offer them considering income differences, cost of living and taxes?

If you already have an open position and would like to see average salary ranges in various countries, our Salary Recommendation tool can help you get an instant overview. Not only will you see the recommended average salary, you will also see the minimum, median and maximum.

Calculate net salary in different countries

Now that you have a salary range in mind, it’s easier to make an offer. However, you also need to find out the net salary after deducting taxes and social security to come to a fair compensation for your remote employee. With our Net Salary Calculator, you can find this out. Plus, you can also determine the salary differences between employees at the same position but in different countries—within seconds.

Offering the right salary to your remote hire is crucial. It makes you a more attractive company, helps you stay fair and helps you retain employees.

How does our Net Salary Calculator work?

Calculate the net salary in any country

Select a country and enter the gross salary to calculate the take home salary.

Compare it with the net salary in another country, if you’d like

Add another country to see how it compares with your selected country. This can help you compare net salaries of team members in different countries.

See net salary breakdown for both countries

Click on ‘Calculate net salary’ to see income tax, social security and net salary amounts for both countries.

Calculate and compare the net salary in multiple currencies

You can calculate salaries in the following currencies: Euro (EUR), United States Dollar (USD) and Pound Sterling (GBP).

Based on a ton of background data, our tool synthesises net salaries instantly and gives you a comparison of hiring costs in both countries. This ensures that your international team members are paid equitably wherever they are located.

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Why our customers love the Salary Calculator

Wide coverage

We offer salary calculations in countries that cover over 80% of our onboarding demand. Basically, wherever top talent is located.


We offer clear information about the assumptions that we make about the persona for which we make these calculations.


We show tax and social security as a percentage of gross salary in the results.

Updated data

We keep our data in line with the latest tax regulations and use AI to improve our predictions.

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