Calculate exact costs of offboarding an employee

Saying goodbye to a team member is a necessary part of any company’s lifecycle. But navigating the complexities of offboarding can be a challenge, particularly on a global scale. Different countries have varying regulations around severance pay, accrued vacation time, and other obligations. This can lead to hidden offboarding costs that come as a nasty surprise, impacting your budget and potentially delaying the process.

So how can you avoid rude shocks when it comes to employee terminations? Keep scrolling.

Say hello to the Offboarding Cost Calculator

When terminating an employee, there are certain costs that you need to consider. Local regulations may require severance packages based on salary and tenure. There may be unused vacation time and notice periods. All of these can significantly increase the total cost you incur when offboarding an employee.

The Offboarding Cost Calculator exists to give you a true picture of employee offboarding costs. It provides instant clarity on termination costs and effort, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Avoid unexpected employee termination costs

The Offboarding Cost Calculator is aimed to increase the transparency about the effort involved in employee terminations. Here’s what you can do with it:

Estimate the financial implications of terminating an employee


Gain insights into potential costs associated with severance, benefits, and other offboarding expenses


Plan ahead and minimise disruptions to your business operations

How does the Offboarding Cost Calculator work?

Go to the tools section

Simply navigate to the “Tools” menu on your homepage to access our Offboarding Cost Calculator.

Enter talent details

Once you’re there, you can either select a talent from the list of your active employees or fill in the fields manually to match the criteria of your termination request.

Calculate instantly

Click on “Calculate” and get a full breakdown of cost and time estimations associated with your termination request.

Download offboarding guides

You can also download handy country-specific offboarding guides to help you understand local labour laws.

Take our guided tour below to see it in action

Why our customers love the Offboarding Cost Calculator

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Early preparation

Simply choose from your list of existing employees or input criteria manually to know the cost and effort involved in any termination scenario.

Smooth offboardings

Have a transparent view from start to finish. View a summary of offboarding cost and time estimates as soon as you begin an offboarding.

Country insights

Navigate termination regulations with confidence with country-specific advice on additional payments due during employee termination.

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Simplified complexity

Gauge the level of complexity for each termination process with our intuitive Complexity Meter that ensures you're always prepared for the challenges ahead.

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