Hire in Poland in 3 easy steps

Poland is known for its delicious pierogi, spectacular mountains and ancient forests. But it’s also home to an increasing number of qualified working professionals open to global and remote work. Let us show you how to hire employees in Poland in a compliant and cost-effective way.

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Onboard your talent in Poland in 10 minutes

If you’re considering hiring your next candidate in Poland, you’re in the right place. At WorkMotion, we have helped scores of businesses onboard their remote hires, and we have achieved excellent expertise in the country. Our tech solutions and team of experts will make this incredibly easy for you.

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Guidance & payroll management

Receive process support by an experienced team of experts & pay your talent on time and in their local currency.

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Equipment management

Send laptops and other devices to your remote employees in Poland through our platform with just a few clicks.

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Net salary calculator

Calculate net salary in Poland post deductions and compare it with the salary in other countries instantly.

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Accelerated onboarding

Fast-track your talent onboarding while ensuring 100% compliance with local regulations.

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Hire in Poland through an EOR

Easily onboard your remote talent in Poland through our Employer of Record (EOR) solution. Our subsidiaries and network partners make this process fast and 100% compliant.

A quick overview of Poland

Time zone


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Paid leave

20 days

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Minimum wage

PLN 4,242 monthly

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Polish Złoty (PLN)

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Public holidays

13 days

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Payroll frequency


What makes Poland's talent great?

With about 500,000 IT workers, Poland is one of the biggest producers of tech talent. Around 20% of all European IT specialists are Polish. Hiring in Poland means saving as much as 77% on the cost of talent while getting access to IT knowledge and experience. A huge number of Polish citizens have now returned to their home country following the pandemic, further increasing the growing pool of talent that’s open to remote work.

Polish people are motivated by unique and challenging projects. Hire in Poland to tap into a market that’s bursting with skills.

High number of IT professionals

Poland has the biggest number of IT professionals in Central and Eastern Europe. The country produces 71,000 IT students and 11,000 IT graduates every year. It also sees a 10% annual increase in software developers.

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Education & technical skills

About 99% of IT specialists in Poland are degree-educated, which is significantly higher than the EU average of 81%. The Polish workforce is one of the best educated and most skilled in Europe.

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English proficiency

With an English Proficiency Index (EPI) score of 600 compared to the world average of 500, Polish workers have one of the highest rates of English as a second language in the world. This makes them effective communicators—at work and beyond.


Get more detailed info about Poland’s hiring landscape

Basic facts

The Republic of Poland is a country located in Central Europe. It is divided into 16 administrative provinces, covering an area of 312,679 square kilometers with a largely temperate climate. Poland borders Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and Russia (the Kaliningrad exclave). Its northern border (440 km long) runs along the Baltic Sea coast. *Please note that the official currency is the currency of remuneration when employed through WorkMotion in Poland.



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38.24 M

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VAT - standard rate


Statutory holidays

The national holidays mentioned below are valid for the year 2024. Work on Sundays and public holidays is allowed in situations listed exhaustively in the Labor Code, e.g. in the case of shift work, in transport, and during work which is necessary due to its social utility and the daily needs of the population.

Date Holiday Name
January 1 New Year's Day
January 6 Three Kings' Day (Epiphany)
March 31 Easter
April 1 Easter Monday
May 1 Labor Day
May 3 Constitution Day
May 19 Pentecost Sunday (Whit Sunday)
May 30 Corpus Christi
August 15 Assumption Day
November 1 All Saints Day
November 11 Independence Day
December 25th Christmas Day
December 26th St Stephen's Day

Contract sharing time

The approximate time for sharing the contract with an employee in Poland ranges from a few minutes to 1 day assuming no special requests or changes to our standard employment contract. Any such requests or changes would need to undergo internal or external review, directly leading to a time delay. If all talent data is available, the contract can be generated immediately.

What you need to know

Labour conditions

Leave / time off

Statutory benefits

The Social Insurance Institute (ZUS) collects all the social insurance contributions and forwards them to the appropriate institutions. Employer contributions to government funds cover retirement, disability, accident, and sickness insurance. *Up to the cap of PLN 177, 660.

Benefits Employer Contribution Employee Contribution
Pension 9.76%* 9.76%*
Disability 6.5%* 1.5%*
Accident Insurance 1.67% for employers with up to 9 employees, 0.67% to 3.33% for employers with more than 9 employees & 1.67% flat rate for foreign employers -
Labor Fund 2.45% -
Sickness Insurance - 2.45%
Employee Guaranteed Benefits Fund 0.10% -
Employee Capital Plans (PPK)** 1.5% (If the employee wishes to participate in PPK) 2% (If the employee wishes to participate in PPK

Health insurance

The health insurance contribution percentage is 9% and it is paid only by the employees. There are exceptions regarding the contributions for disabled, annuitants, and pensioners. The National Health Fund regulates health benefits. Poland has a mixed system for public and private health care financing.

Accident insurance

The accident insurance benefits described are the Employment injury pension or the occupational disease pension and a One-off payment (jednorazowe odszkodowanie).

Disability insurance

Contributions to disability insurance are financed by both the employer and employee

Employee Guaranteed Benefits Fund

In the case of an employer’s insolvency, all claims of workers, previous workers, and their surviving dependents are guaranteed by the employee benefits fund (Fundusz Gwarantowanych Świadczeń Pracowniczych – FGSP).

Unemployment insurance

Employees who have worked at least 365 days in the last 18 months and have been paid the minimum wage may be entitled to an unemployment allowance.

Public pension

Contributions to pension insurance are financed in equal parts between the employer and the employee (9.76% of the contribution base each). Retirement schemes are mandatory in Poland for all workers.

Other statutory benefits

Employee Capital Plans (Pracownicze Play Kapitałowe, PPK) are a long-term savings scheme in which the employee’s private savings are contributed to by the employee, employer and the state. The main objective of PPK is to provide its participants with funds for when they stop being professionally active. Funds accumulated in a PPK account can be withdrawn at any time. An employer is obliged to enroll its employees for the PPK according to the following rules: Employees aged 18-55: automatic enrollment; Employees aged 55-70: upon an employee’s individual request, provided that their length of service with a given employer is a minimum of three months over the last 12 months; Employees over 70 years of age: cannot be enrolled. The employer is mandated to contribute 1.5% of the salary plus 2.5% voluntarily towards PPK.