Hire on-ground employees for your NGO

Looking for skilled and passionate workers around the globe? You’re in luck, because it’s never been easier. Let us help you hire the right people, the right way. 

Build a passionate team for your cause

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We understand how mission-critical your projects are, whether it’s providing clean water or sanitation, helping during natural disasters or assisting with medicines and first aid. 

Hiring the right people in key regions is essential and time-sensitive. But hiring remote workers abroad can be like getting caught in a web of legal and HR hassles. Finding talent is one thing, but navigating employment & compliant risks and budgets is a different story altogether.

After enabling scores of NGOs to hire workers across the world, we’re here to hold your hand through the entire process. From managing employee benefits to avoiding payroll tax mistakes, we’ll help you build your remote dream team.


Onboard talent worldwide 90% faster

We understand how critical it is to hire people who have local knowledge and expertise in key regions. But hiring skilled talent in another country can take much longer than you’re used to – with more steps and a host of administrative, legal and regulatory considerations to deal with. WorkMotion makes it easy to hire top talent anywhere, and onboard them within minutes from 160+ countries in a 100% compliant way.

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And you’re done!

Hire fast with zero risks—even on a tight budget

Avoid employee misclassification

Ensure your company avoids legal troubles by making sure all employees are correctly classified. A simple approach to do this (and achieve much more) is by getting help from an employer of record (EOR). An EOR allows you to legally hire, welcome, and pay workers globally. With an EOR, you can:

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Offer benefits your employees truly need

As an NGO, you literally help make the world a better and fairer place. And we understand you’d like to extend the same fairness to your employees and offer them the best experience possible. Through our platform, you can easily offer private health insurance, expenses & equipment management, end-to-end payroll management, salary calculators so you can compensate them fairly, and management of taxes, pension and PTOs. 


Hire, pay, manage: all on one platform

You’re probably looking for workers with purpose, integrity, and a great work ethic. The good news is that you can handpick people who align with your purpose from around the world. Once you know who you want to hire, you can leave the rest to us. The WorkMotion platform automates everything: from instant contract creation to sending equipment to employees. You can see the status of every worker on our dashboard: their status, payroll, benefits and PTOs. 

How does an EOR help?

Hiring workers based in another country can create a whole host of headaches - but with WorkMotion’s Employer of Record (EoR) Model, WorkGlobal, we take care of the legal and admin tasks of hiring someone abroad.

As the registered employer, we ensure your organisation complies with local laws and regulations related to employment, and enable you to hire in more than 160 countries, hassle-free. And if you want to hire international talent under your brand but with all of the compliance aspects –  from contracts to payroll – handled by us, take a look at our direct employment option, WorkDirect.

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Benefits of hiring skilled NGO workers with WorkMotion

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Cost-effective solution to talent shortages 

Hiring highly efficient talent can be difficult and costly, but with WorkMotion, hiring remote workers is an easy and effective way to solve skills shortages and save money at the same time. 

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Save time and win the competition for top talent

NGOs often need to hire rapidly for emergency responses or mission-critical projects. Avoid time-consuming, stressful hiring processes by onboarding talent swiftly with WorkMotion.

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Achieve your objectives with skilled, local talent

Having workers tailored to your needs with “boots on the ground” to ensure your projects are being implemented can make all the difference. 

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