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Looking for gaming talent but can’t find the right matches locally? It’s time to start thinking global and look beyond borders. It’s never been easier with WorkMotion.

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With around 3 billion gamers globally – and a 75% year over year increase in spending within games – the gaming industry is booming, creating even more demand for game developers. Yet, gaming talent shortages are still a major issue. Why not take into account the huge, untapped pool of global talent that has the exact skills you’re looking for?

If you look beyond borders, you can find highly-skilled talent with the capabilities and experiences you’re after, whether it’s software engineers for coding, content creators for animation or designers to map out the gameplay

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From South Korea to Romania to Argentina, top gaming developer talent can be found around the world. Be it game developers, blockchain developers or developers for Android/iOS, we can enable you to hire within minutes from 160+ countries in a 100% compliant way

Level up and onboard 90% faster

Hiring and onboarding employees based in another country can take much longer than you’re used to – with more steps and a host of administrative, legal and regulatory considerations to deal with. WorkMotion makes it easy to hire top talent anywhere, and onboard them within minutes from 160+ countries in a 100% compliant way.

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Leverage iGaming talent in new markets

iGaming – online gambling and casino games – is expanding globally, and the need for top legal talent to navigate new and complex regulations and ensure iGaming is compliant has become a top priority. But just as with gaming tech talent, legal talent with the necessary knowledge and expertise in gaming laws is in short supply. Latin America is one of iGaming’s high growth markets, and countries like Brazil, Argentina and Mexico have highly developed legal markets that can be leveraged for local expertise. As iGaming continues to grow globally, hiring global remote talent helps alleviate existing shortages of gaming specialists and developers, as well as ensuring remote support teams are available around the clock and around the world.

Hire budget-friendly gaming industry talent

Where can you find top game developers?

Don't get lost on a side quest trying to find the best developers. WorkMotion’s Country Explorer tool recommends the top three countries where you should look for talent based on your exact hiring requirements. You can select search parameters including factors like budget, English proficiency, level of education, labour laws and more.

Physical location is no longer the barrier it once was, so take the opportunity to recruit talent within a wider geographical lens - greatly increasing your chances of reaching your endgame and finding the game developer talent you need.


Romania is in the top five countries worldwide for game developer talent, with salaries for the same role 74% less than the average salary in the top 25 GDP countries.

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India is among the top three countries in the world for junior and senior game developer talent, and local salaries are 83% less than the average salary in the top 25 GDP countries for the same role.


Argentina is the top country for junior game developer talent, and third for senior talent, but local salaries are 75% less than the average game developer salary in the top 25 GDP countries.

We also have 100+ comprehensive Country Guides on our website that are specially designed to help you navigate the hiring landscape of each country. Expanding your hiring to include global talent, working remotely is the answer to solving your game developer talent gap.

What our customers have to say

With WorkMotion we ensure fully compliant onboardings for our employees abroad. Having an HR service such as WorkMotion is a big plus, since we now have time to focus on our talents even more.

Bianca Ester

HR Manager at Everphone

Working with WorkMotion is really easy for our HR-team. Uploading a talent is done in minutes. We get access to tools such as salary benchmarking, gross/net salary calculator, and so much more. Exactly what we need!

Michali Henig

Global Mobility Lead at SumUp

All the handling of documents and my personal information has been sensational. The onboarding process to my new company was fast and smooth.

Mauricio D.

Software Engineer at Enterprise

How does an EOR help?

Hiring workers based in another country can create a whole host of headaches - but with WorkMotion’s Employer of Record (EoR) Model, WorkGlobal, we take care of the legal and admin tasks of hiring someone abroad.

As the registered employer, we ensure your organisation complies with local laws and regulations related to employment, and enable you to hire in more than 160 countries, hassle-free. And if you want to hire international talent under your brand but with all of the compliance aspects –  from contracts to payroll – handled by us, take a look at our direct employment option, WorkDirect.

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Benefits of hiring gaming talent with WorkMotion

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Discover highly-skilled candidates

Find the games industry talent you need by looking beyond borders at candidates in 160+ countries - without compromising on creativity.

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Fast-hiring and 100% compliance

Pull ahead of competitors by streamlining your hiring and onboarding processes for employees based in another country – saving time, effort and money while staying 100% compliant.

Beat the talent shortage without breaking the bank

Hire qualified remote talent and solve skills shortages and save money at the same time

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