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Creativity and marketing chops are universal. So why limit your talent search to geography? With WorkMotion, it’s never been easier to hire the best marketing & advertising talent to steer campaigns and keep on top of trends

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Since 2021, jobs in marketing and digital advertising have been rising significantly. This is of course due to digitalisation and increase in online spending. While the demand for talent is high, agencies are struggling to recruit. To win big and keep pace with evolving trends in marketing & advertising, recruiters need to think outside the border to find the best employees.

Whether you’re hiring for traditional marketing campaigns or digital advertising spaces such as TikTok and YouTube, why not look beyond borders for talent with the know-how, passion and drive to bring big wins and achieve those all-important conversions?

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To keep ahead of the curve, break down traditional barriers to finding the top talent. WorkMotion enables companies to hire the best talent anywhere and empower leaders to onboard talent within minutes from 160+ countries in a 100% compliant way. The less you limit yourself by region, the greater your talent leads will be.

Modernise onboarding processes for specialised candidates

Don’t miss out on opportunities to hire specialised talent, even in a competitive market. Ensure candidates aren’t disenchanted by outdated processes by prioritising efficient and timely onboarding – regardless of location.

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Don't let borders hold you back

Creative agencies today lack the creative talent they need to execute ideas and campaigns. There’s enormous pressure on account managers to keep clients happy and tech workers to track performance and results. If you’re a marketing company or agency, the right talent can make or break your business. Job roles such as developers, data analysts, CRM managers, UX design and cybersecurity are high in demand, but short in supply. So if you’ve run out of options on the ground, what’s the next logical step? Look beyond your borders and find what you need from a larger talent pool. With an EOR solution, you never have to compromise on your talent.

Where can you find top marketing & advertising talent?

Marketing & advertising best practices are constantly changing, and it can be a struggle to keep up with shifting trends and rapidly evolving technology. Hiring beyond borders can build teams with diverse experience and can help you find qualified candidates with the right skills and experience.

Take a look at our Local Talent Index to find out more about local specificities.


Portugal is in the top five countries worldwide for junior digital marketing talent, with salaries for the same role 67% less than the average salary in the top 25 GDP countries.


Japan is in the top five countries worldwide for senior digital marketing talent, with salaries 20% less than the average salary in the top 25 GDP countries.


Argentina is in the top five countries worldwide for access to junior digital marketing talent but has salaries 66% less than the average salary in the top 25 GDP countries.

Using WorkMotion’s Country Explorer tool you can research hiring parameters like budget, English proficiency, level of education, labour laws and more. Our 100+ comprehensive Country Guides can further help you navigate the hiring landscape of each country, covering topics like contract sharing, probation and notice periods, as well as statutory holidays and annual leave.

These guides are free and easily downloadable, but when you become a client of WorkMotion, you’ll have full access to our country guides. These contain much more detail, so you’ll have everything you’ll need to create a smart hiring strategy in one place.

How we enabled We Love X to succeed

Our customer We Love X—a digital advertising company—wanted to accomplish two things: enable existing employees to move abroad and hire specialised marketing & sales staff remotely. With our solutions, they were able to do both.

Learn more about how We Love X expanded their talent pool and retained their employees.

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EOR and how it helps marketing & advertising

Hiring workers based in another country can create a whole host of headaches - but with WorkMotion’s Employer of Record (EoR) Model, WorkGlobal, we take care of the legal and admin tasks of hiring someone abroad.

As the registered employer, we ensure your organisation complies with local laws and regulations related to employment, and enable you to hire in more than 160 countries, hassle-free. And if you want to hire international talent under your brand but with all of the compliance aspects –  from contracts to payroll – handled by us, take a look at our direct employment option, WorkDirect.

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Benefits of hiring marketing & advertising executives with WorkMotion

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Achieve fast and compliant onboarding

Keep ahead of the competition by streamlining your hiring and onboarding processes for employees based in another country – saving time, effort and money while staying 100% compliant.

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Discover skilled & diverse candidates

Find the right talent for every campaign by looking beyond borders at candidates in 160+ countries – without compromising on creativity.

Meet the digital skills demand

From TikTok to YouTube, find the candidates with the skills and experience you’re looking for by expanding your horizons.

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