How We Love X expanded its talent pool & retained employees

May 12, 2023


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Who is We Love X?

We Love X is an affiliate marketing agency founded in Berlin in 2013. They do affiliate marketing through comparison sites and are mainly active in lifestyle, finance, dating and gaming & software.


We Love X at a glance

Company: We Love X

Industry: Marketing & Advertising

Headquarters: Berlin

Employees: 40

Markets: Active worldwide, but main focus on Europe and the USA

Company language: English

Corporate culture: Remote-first


The challenge We Love X was facing

We Love X faced two challenges. First, existing employees wanted to move abroad but remain employed by the company. Second, the marketing agency was looking for specialised marketing and sales staff that are not always available in the local market.

The first option was to work with freelancers. But as a small company, that can pose a few risks. It was important for We Love X to find a legally secure solution for both parties, while also having the flexibility to hire the talent they wanted.


The solution: WorkGlobal

As a new B2B company, they found it difficult to find suitable skilled talent within the local market. 



We Love X started looking for a solution: researching online and asking for recommendations within their network. Eventually, they came across WorkMotion. They were happy with the company’s price-performance ratio and a professional first meeting.


WorkGlobal turned out to be the perfect solution for the company’s problem. Existing employees could easily move to countries such as Sweden or France, and additional competent employees could be recruited abroad. France was a particularly big challenge due to its complicated labour laws.

“We felt great to have a partner like WorkMotion to help us jump through all the legal hoops.”


Turning goalposts into reality

With WorkMotion as a partner, We Love X expanded its market and managed to retain their best performers. WorkMotion now handles the entire onboarding of their employees abroad. A separate payroll is created for each country, which reduces the client’s workload. What We Love X also appreciates is that all overseas employee hires are covered by a single solution. 


Other WorkMotion benefits that We Love X uses:


  • Country guides: each guide is comprehensive and gives an overview of the hiring landscape of over 100+ countries 
  • Salary recommendation: provides information about market salaries in a particular country
  • Net salary calculator: calculates how much net salary is left over post deductions in each respective country


These 3 additional features simplify We Love X’s decision-making process on which countries to hire employees in.


We Love x and WorkMotion

With WorkMotion’s help, We Love X has hired employees across France, Sweden, Lithuania and Romania, and hope to continue building their remote teams together. 

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