A Simpler Way To Manage Your Leave Requests

July 20, 2022


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We have made it even easier to manage talent on our platform. Simply log into our platform to review, approve or reject vacation requests. No more manual tracking of talent absences on separate sheets. This feature will ensure accuracy, compliance and efficient management of talent leave wherever they are located.



Talent view of leave requests and status


With this feature, your talent is able to:


  • Request vacation and sick days on the platform
  • View the status of their request
  • Track the balance of their sick leave and time off
  • Cancel absence requests



Vacation request form

As the HR administrator, you will be able to:

  • Approve or reject absence requests on the platform
  • View the absence balance for each talent – approved absences are automatically updated
  • Export leave reports
  • Modify talent leave and sick days balance



HR Administrator overview of talent vacation and status

How Do You Benefit?

With talent located in different countries in the world, you want to guarantee that vacation and sick leave is compliant to those countries and be able to simplify its management through the platform. This new feature ensures that the correct vacation and sick days based on local country regulation are visible and captured in the platform. In addition to this compliance aspect, you are also providing your talent the ability to make these requests at their own leisure. 


This new feature reduces friction and expedites the process since both you and the talent are able to review the requests simultaneously and have it updated quickly. Some key benefits for both the talent and HR administrators:


  • For the talent, the ability to make these requests quickly and easily is a critical workplace benefit.
  • For HR administrators as well, the time and effort they need to spend managing these requests is reduced which also creates greater workplace satisfaction. 
  • This process also reduces human errors compared with a manual process of review and approval. 
  • Being compliant with local requirements regarding vacation and sick leave is ensured.


*Note: Feature availability is dependent on country of employment. Please contact us to learn more.

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